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Nov, 1998 

Wintron now has a web page!


The following  was a posting made in Nov, 1996 on

Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting
Subject: TECH: Corrected Wintron drawing, Amplifone Hi-V XFMR
Date: 20 Nov 1996 09:33:42 -0700
Organization: University of Denver, Dept. of Math & Comp. Sci.
Lines: 39
Message-ID: <56vbt6$h8i@nyx.cs.du.edu>
NNTP-Posting-Host: nyx.nyx.net

  Just got off the phone with the engineer at Wintron who designed the
replacement Hi-V transformer for the Amplifone X/Y monitor. It seems that
the documentation which was sent out with some of the transformers a while
back had some errors in it. He faxed me out a copy of the newer drawing which
has a date of September 19, 1996. With Rick's permission here are the correct

Wintron Drawing #26862802

Lead connections:
[COLOR   Pin #   Signal]

 RED    - 9   - B+
 YELLOW - 8   - Start of 180V secondary
 BLACK  - 6,7 - GROUND
 GREEN  - 4   - 180V secondary (Video B+)
 ORANGE - 1   - Collector of switch transistor
 GRAY   - 10 (HTR1) - Filament

Here's my interpetation:

RED wire from XFMR to PCB hole T2 pin 9. Low side of MC1.
YEL wire from XFMR to PCB hole T2 pin 8. This is +24VDC.
BLK to PCB hole T2 pin 6 or 7. This is GROUND.
GRN wire from XFMR to PCB hole T2 pin 4. Video B+, connects to anode of CR3.
ORG wire from XFMR to PCB hole T2 pin 1. Goes to COLLECTOR of Q3 (BU406D).
GRY wire from XFMR to PCB hole T2 pin 10. This is the filament's hot side.

If anyone has the original copy which is a partial copy of the Hi-V schematic
with hand-written connections, don't use it, it has errors.

 Dave Fish                         |       "We want...Information. INFORMATION
 Melrose, MA  USA                  |              You won't get it!
    dfish@bev.etn.com   (work)     |        By hook or by crook we will"
    dfish@nyx.cs.du.edu (/work)    |                    _The Prisoner_


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