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Monitor Manuals & Schematics

If you want the entire archive, it is available in CD format at the Online Store.

All manuals are complete with Schematics, unless noted. Please help complete this monitor manual archive. If you have a manual for a monitor that I only have schematics for or schematics for a monitor that is not listed here, please email me so we can make arrangements to get a copy.

 Company Models Type


2.65 Meg PDF Amplifone 19" and 25" - 1st Printing Color Vector
3.38 Meg PDF Amplifone 19" and 25" Color Raster - 1st Printing Color Raster
3.18 Meg PDF DMC-2090D-2A 19" Disco Color Raster
8.08 meg PDF General Information and Troubleshooting Procedures
Monitor Part One (Covers most early 80's Monitors)
Eastern Micro Electronics, Inc
1.52 Meg PDF EM-201 (Updated March, 11, 2019) Color Raster
3.50 Meg PDF G02 25" Color Raster
3.47 Meg PDF G05-801 (X-Y Monochrome Quadrascan) B&W Vector
1.73 Meg PDF G05-802, G05-805 (X-Y Monochrome Quadrascan) B&W Vector
1.53 Meg PDF G07-901 (wide chassis G07-CA0),
Color Raster
2.41 Meg PDF G07-904, G07-907, G07-902, G07-906
(Both 19" and 13" monitors)
Color Raster
3.08 Meg PDF G08-001, G08-003 Color Vector
712K PDF G19-CCO - Schematics only Color Raster
286K PDF V-17 15" - Schematics and parts list only
(Used in Space Zap, Space Encounters Mini)
B&W Raster
1.57 Meg PDF 814, 820, 822 (G07, Disco Replacement) Color Raster
Happ Controls
873K PDF KJ-XX15 series 13" and 19" monitors Color Raster
1.09 Meg PDF MT-3000 9" and 12" B&W Raster
3.11 Meg PDF MTC-900/E Color Raster
758K PDF MTC-9000 Color Raster
3.76 Meg PDF MTC-9110 Color Raster
1.40 Meg PDF Imperial 19" Color Raster
1.28 Meg PDF LAI-KZ-14XYB, LAI-KZ-20XYB B&W Vector
1.18 Meg PDF Matsushita 14" Color Raster
5.4 Meg PDF TM-202G Color Raster
2.07 Meg PDF M5000 19" and M7000 23" B&W Raster
2.74 Meg PDF XM501-10 19" and XM701-10 23" B&W Raster
2.00 Meg PDF MC-2000-S (Used in Sega Turbo) Color Raster
1.46 Meg PDF NT-2515C / N25E 25" Color Raster
1.46 Meg PDF 14", 20" and 25" Monitors Color Raster
2.48 Meg PDF 20-EZV, 20-Z2AW Color Raster
1.76 Meg PDF Sanyo 14" Color Raster
2.09 Meg PDF XM-2001N Color Raster
Sharp Image
393K PDF SI-319S - Sony 19" Color Raster
1.70 Meg PDF SI-327 - 27" Color Raster
1.40 Meg PDF TM-600 19", TM623 23" B&W Raster
3.14 Meg PDF 19V1001, 19V1002, 19V1003, 22V1001, 22V1003 B&W Raster
2.8 Meg PDF 19V2000 B&W Vector
427K PDF K4500 - 19K4500 (Schematics only) Color Raster
2.46 Meg PDF K4600 - 19K4625, 19K4626, 19K4675, 19K4676, 19K4677 Color Raster
2.72 Meg PDF K4700 - 13K4705, 13K4706, 13K4713 Color Raster
2.25 Meg PDF K4900 (Std Res) - 19K4901, 19K4906, 19K4951, 19K4956 Color Raster
2.05 Meg PDF K4900 (Med Res) - 19K4915 Color Raster
3.99 Meg PDF K6100 - 2nd Printing Color Vector
2.36 Meg PDF K7000 - 9K7700, 13K7800, 19K7600, 19K7900 Color Raster
530K PDF K7200 - 13K7203, 19K7203 Color Raster
3.31 Meg PDF U5000 - 25K5108 Color Raster
548K PDF Raster Monitor Theory and Troubleshooting Guide Color Raster
1.12 Meg PDF CD-19MRF06 - Schematics and parts list only Color Raster


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