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From: rbeer@jaguar.cris.com (Rich Beerman)
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting
Subject: Re: Anyone ever make Sinistar WAV's?
Date: 28 Jun 1995 01:58:16 GMT
Organization: Concentric Research Corporation
Lines: 14
Message-ID: <3sqcvo$15i@warp.cris.com>
References: <3sp9c1$8av@news2.delphi.com>
NNTP-Posting-Host: jaguar.cris.com
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

: A while ago, someone was going to upload some Sinistar .WAV files.  Did 
: that ever get done?  I want my system to boot up saying "Run coward!" or 
: "I live!".  :)

They're on Sean Riddle's excellent Williams web page! ... And they 
sound fantastic!  His page is http://www.ionet.net/~sriddle

           Richard C. Beerman, Jr.:  rbeer@cris.com / rbeer@jaguar.cris.com
                 Senior Software Engineer, Concentric Research Corporation.
                           Finger rbeer@jaguar.cris.com for PGP Public Key.
                              My employer may or may not share my opinions.


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