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Message-ID: <199501271324.AA02619@resisalt.reston.ingr.com>
Subject: ROM rev levels
Reply-To: tfbowen@ingr.com
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 95 8:08:53 EST
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This is what I have so far on the Williams games.  I started with
the info Sean Riddle posted on his WWW page.  Feel free to e-mail
me with corrections and additions on ANY GAMES (even non-Williams).
I guess this means I `volunteered' to generate a ROM revision info


B	red
?	blue


A	red	- have pterodactyl cheat, default high score 107212
B	green	- have pterodactyl cheat, default high score 109102
B	blue	- NO pterodactyl cheat
?	yellow	- default high score 109102


A	yellow
B	yellow w/red stripe - default difficulty 5, default high score 131682,
		demo calls Quarks Cubeoids
?	blue	- default difficulty 3, default high score 151782


A	yellow

#   Franklin Bowen | tfbowen@ingr.com | Phone (301)713-2753 USA    #
# Problems sending me e-mail? Try tfbowen@resisalt.reston.ingr.com #
#  GCS d>x H-- s !g p? a-(a) w+ v C+ U?+$ P+ L>+++ 3 E--- N++ K-   #
#  W V -po+ Y t++@ 5 j- G? tv b+ D++ B-- e++ u-@ h f r+++ x+++(*)  #
# If you destroy my babies, I will pop you in the oven.  Ha ha ha! #
#  - The Wizard in the arcade game `Wizard of Wor'                 #


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