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The Cinemat system is basically divided into three sections, Slave, and 


The Master software consists of Eproms in locations UlOl thru UI07 on the 
Main Logic board and other various Eproms on the varying auxiliary boards.

The Slave software consists of Eproms in locations U3 ,thru U9 on ,the 
Main Logic board and other various Eproms on the varying auxiliary boards.

The Background software consists of Eproms in locations U67 thru U70 & 
U89 thru U95.

Symptoms and Solutions,

White screen or garbage on screen usually indicates a master problem if 
you can't get into diagnostics.

Check for clock signal at pin 6 and reset signal at pin 26 of the master 
Check pins 3 thru 7 of connector P4(Main Logic) for plus 5volts.  If any 
of these pins are low, Ull4 or Ull9 or both could be bad.
Check master software and master rams(Ul08 and Ul09) for bent pins or 
damaged sockets.

The most common failures in the master-circuitry are.: U96, and U85.

Ui14, UI19,  UIO0,

If the diagostics can be activated it's probably something in the slave 
circui, try.

In the slave circuitry Ui is the slave CPU and most of ,the foreground 
characters and title headings are contained here.

No players in field or players breaking up is usually a slave problem.

The most common failures in the slave circuitry are,  Ul, UlO, Ull, U22, 
U23, and the Pals in locations Ul6, Ul7, Ul9, and U2l.

Broken foreground lettering (such as the lettering for the dignoetics),

Check U26,  U27,  U45,  U60,  and U96.

Vertical lines on either ,the top or bottom half of the screen usually
indicate bad video rams or the ram circuitry.   (The video rams are:  
    U36 and U46 thru U49.)

Bad background

Check U56, U86, and all of ,the background software for bent pins damaged 

Bad sync or faint picture.

Check U24,  U28,  U41,  U40,  U42,  and U43.

The color rams are U50 and U51.

Basic Trouble Shooting For Cinemat System

Pitcher or Players disappearing:

    Check---Power Supply---Voltage must be set at plus 5v.+or-.lv. 
Amperage must be 7 amps or more

    Check---Z80's---Should be Z80B or 6MHZ (a 6 or B should be in the 
lettering somewhere on the chip).
If you have the brand NEC (and it has a l or 2 listed after the brand 
name) we recommend you change to another brand (Mostek or Zilog for 
                 (NEC is a good brand but this particular Microprocessor 
is to slow for the cinemat Baseball games.) (The Z80's are in locations 
U1 on the Main
board and Ul3 on the Expansion board.)

Game won't hold players statistics or resets after initials are entered, 
(Question marks or garbage in player stars.)
(This is probably a problem on the Expansion (Top) board.)

    Check---Battery voltage---Should be 3.6v. for one battery, 3v. for 
(If the battery is low, replace it
with a similar battery-we use lithium.)

    Suspect chips could be---U6 and U7(Rams), UlO (Custom chip), Ull 
(Ram controller), or WP2 (Dip shunt).
                         (Try re-seating these chips and checking for 
bent pins on the chips and smashed pins on the sockets.)
                         (Anytime you replace or re-seat a part on the 
Expansion board you must clear the player statistics.  To do this, enter 
the 'Main Menu' and select the function 'Erase Player Statistics', then 
place a 'Yes' on both options and exit the 'Main Menu'.)

Serial number or boekkeeping messed up or game set up won't hold:

Suspect chip could be---Ul20 on main logic board.
                        (This is a small 8 pin socketed chip that holds 
the memory for the serial number and the bookkeeping.) (The part number 
to order this chip is
44-13403-00.  Specify which game you have.)

To enter the main menu:

Press and hold the one-player start button while pressing and releasing 
the service button (located inside the coin door mounted to the top of 
the coin box on dedicated games.)  Concerning kits, the service button is 
hooked to pin 5 of connecter P4 and ground (main board).

No audio.

Check for loose audio connec'bor.
Replace UI122 (TDA 2002) the final amplifier.

Generally speaking, for most problems ,just do a visual inspection for 
bent pins, damaged sockets, loose connectors, missing block jumpers in 
locations JP1, JP2, & JP3, and something simple like a spilled drink.

  RANDY FROMM  YMNP18A@prodigy.com


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