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Subject: rec.games.video.arcade Mailserver and FTP information
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Summary: RGVA mailserver and ftp site information
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Archive-name: games/videoarcade/ftp 
Last-modified: Jul-27-93

Announcing the Rec.Games.Video.Arcade file server !

As I run my local stuff at home on a Fidonet BBS, I've set up a file server
there for those who wish to request the posts I post to RGVA each month.

Use the following keywords for each post :

Keyword      Post
-------      ------------------------------------------------
faq          The RGVA Frequently Asked Questions List
pinouts      A list of the current entries in the pinouts/switches archive.
cheats       Directions on where to ftp the Cheat Sheet
klov         The latest version of the Killer List of Video Games
manufacturer The list of arcade games manufacturers 
parts        The list of sources for arcade games parts
rampart      The Rampart help sheet
mk           The Mortal Kombat help sheet
t2           The Terminator 2 help sheet
nostalgia    The folklore list of easter eggs and other things in old games.

To 'order' a post, send an email message to : rgva@gisatl.fidonet.org
and include the word "Request" followed by the keyword for the post you want in
the subject field.  

In order for my system to parse internet message (I get garbled UUCP addresses)
Be sure to include the following line in the body of your message :

     Mail-to: <your Internet address)

You *must* include this Mail-to line ... if you do not, your message will
not get processed and will automatically be fowarded to the bit bucket !! 

You can also request entries in the Pinouts/Switches archive.  Simply use
the filename for the entry you want (request the pinouts post for details on
filenames) as the keyword and follow the instructions above.

If you have any questions, please send me email at 
jdeitch@gisatl.fidonet.org or musjndx@gsusgi2.gsu.edu. 

Thanks !

- Jonathan

 Internet: musjndx@gsusgi2.gsu.edu     Fidonet : Jonathan Deitch@1:133/411.7 
           jdeitch@gisatl.fidonet.org  Bellnet : 1 - 404 - 261 - 3665 
Atlanta 1996 !! | Play Pinball !! | Don't Panic ! | "I hate it when I can't
--------------------------------------------------| trust my own technology!"
"Thrills!  Chills!  Magic!  Prizes!" -- Hurricane |    -- Geordi LaForge

Gene Roddenberry, Isaac Asimov, Jim Henson, Dr. Seuss, Mel Blanc ... Sigh ...


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