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Orca Board List
V1.2 Aug 13, 1999

Game		Year	Prom Label	Board #

Changes		1982	?		OVG-51B, OVG-54C (cpu pack II)
Dog Fight       1983    ?               licensed to Thunderbolt
Espial		1983	?		OVG-20C, OVG-30C, OVG-43B
Funky Bee	1982	?		OBG-01C (cpu pack II)
Hoccer		1983	"H"		OVG-51A, OVG-54C
Marine Boy	1982	?		OVG-51E, OVG-54F (cpu pack II)
Moguchan        1983    ?               licensed to Venture Line
River Patrol    1983    ?               MTD-13, MTD-14
Sky Lancer	1982	?		OBG-O1D
Springer	1982	?		OVG-51D, OVG-54D (cpu pack II)
Vastar		1983	?		OVG-34E, OVG-46C
Zodiack		1983    ?		OVG-20C(snd),OVG-30C(cpu),OVG-40C(vid)

Crazy Kong      ?       ?       	OVG-50B(vid), OVG-13UA(cpu) or
                                        OVG-50B(vid), OVG-55A(cpu)

MS Pac		?	?		OVG-52, OVG-53
MS Pac		?	?		OVG-10

Moon Cresta     ?       ?               OVG-082

All Orca games were Z80 based


Orca Game List
V1.0 16 Jan,1999

   82 Battle Cross                         Kit 2P                      
   82 Changes                                  2P        VC
   82 Funky Bee                                2P        HC Shooter          
   82 Looper                               Kit 2P                      
   82 Marine Boy                           Kit 2P  8W+1B HC Action          
   82 Mogu Chan               Venture Line Kit 2P  8W       Action          
   82 River Patrol Empire Mfg/Kerstens Ind Ded 2P        HC Action          
   82 Sky Lancer              Venture Line Ded 2P  8W+1B  C               
   82 Slalom                               Kit 2P        HC Action          
12/82 Springer           Venture Line  Ded/Kit 2P  8W+1B VC Action          
   82 The Bounty                           Ded 2P                      
   83 Dogfight                             Kit 2P                      
 9/83 Espial                  Venture Line Kit 2P  8W+2B HC              
   83 Hopper Robo                              2P                      
   83 Net Wars                                 2P                      
   83 Super Crush                          Kit 2P           Action          
   83 Vastar                                   2P
   83 Zodiak                               Kit 2P        HC Shooter     


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