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Nichibutsu (Nihon Busan Ltd.) Game List
1.0 21 May, 1999

Moon Base		Ded	'78	2P	3 Button		
Moon Base Deluxe	Ded	'78	2P	3 Button		

Moon Alfa		Ded	'79	2P					
Moon Alien		Ded	'79	2P	
Moon Raker 		Ded	'79	2P				
Moon Tracker		Ded	'79	2P			
Rolling Crush		Ded	'79	2P			

Crazy Climber (Cktail)	Ckt	12/'80	2P	4W+4W	HC	Action	
Crazy Climber (Upright)	Ded/Kit	12/'80	2P	4W+4W	HC	Action		
Moon Cresser		Ded	'80	2P	VC	
Moon Cresta		Ded	'80	2P 3 Button	VC	Shooter
Moon Placer		Ded	'80	2P				
Moon Trek		Ded	'80	2P		

Frisky Tom (Cabaret)	Cab	10/'81	2P	8W	HC	Action
Frisky Tom (Cocktail)	Ckt	10/'81	2P	8W	HC	Action	
Frisky Tom (Upright)	Ded	10/'81	2P	8W	HC	Shooter	
Moon Shuttle (Cocktail)	Ckt	'81	2P	2W+1B	HC	Shooter	
Moon Shuttle (Upright)	Ded	'81	2P	2W+1B	HC	Shooter	

Constella		Kit		'82	2P				
Devil Zone		Ded	'82	2P					
Radical Radial		Ded	9/'82	2P	8W+2B	VC	Action	
Rug Rats		Ded	9/'82	2P	8W+2B	VC	Action	
Space Fighter X		Ded	'82	2P					
Super Moon Cresta	Ded	'82	2P	2W+1B	VC	Shooter	
Wiping			Kit	'82	2P	4W+1B	VC	Action	

Dacholer		Ded	12/'83	2P		C			
Night Gal			'83	2P					
Skelagon		Ded	10/'83	2P	8W+2B	HC	Shooter		

Sector Zone/Seicross	Kit	7/'84	2P	8W+2B	VC	Shooter	
Seicross/Sector Zone	Kit	7/'84	2P	8W+2B	VC	Shooter	
Tube Panic 		Kit	'84	2P					

Cop 01	Kit		'85	2P	8W+2B	HC	Action			
Cosmo Police Galivan	'85	2P	8W+2B	VC	Action	
Country Girl		Kit	7/'85	2P					
Dynamic Ski		Kit	'85	2P	8W+2B	VC	Action		
Mag Max			Kit	7/'85	2P	8W+1B	HC	Shooter		
Pastel Gal		Kit	'85	2P				
Pumper				'85	2P	
Sexy Gal		Kit	'85	2P		HC			
Sweet Gal			'85	2P					
Terra Cresta		Kit	11/'85	2P	8W+2B	VC	Shooter	 TC-1
Wanted G-7		Kit	'85	2P					

Amazon			Kit	5/'86	2P	8W+2B	VC	Action	
City Love		Kit		'86	2P			
Hi Ho			Kit	'86	2P				
Mighty Guy		Kit	9/'86	2P					
Roller Jammer		Kit	'86	2P	8W+		
UFO Robo Dangar		Kit	12/'86	2P	8W+2B	VC	Shooter		

Exerizer/Sky Fox	Kit	4/'87	2P	8W+2B	VC	Shooter	
Hi Ho 2			Kit	'87	2P				
Holy Holy Kid		Kit	'87	2P			
House Mannequin 	Kit	8/'87	2P		
House Mannequin-Roppongi Kit	8/'87	2P			
Koshime			Kit	'87	2P			
Legion 			Kit	11/'87	2P	8W+2B	VC	Shooter	LG-1/2	
Ninja Emaki		Kit	8/'87	2P	8W+2B	HC	Action		
Second Love		Kit	5/'87					
Sky Fox/Exerizer	Kit	'87	2P	8W+2B	VC	Shooter		
Terra Force		Kit	12/'87	2P	8W+2B	HC	Shooter	TF-1A/2A

Crazy Climber II	Kit	'88	2P	4W+4W	HC	Action	
Formationed Armed F    	Kit		6/'88	2P	8W+2B	VC	Shooter	

Vanilla Syndrome	Kit	'89	2P	8W+2B	HC	Mahjong	

Big Fighter		Kit		'90	2P	


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