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Kaneko Seisakusho Co. Ltd. Game List
V1.0 16 Jan, 1999

10/82 Fast Freddy                 Atari/UAI  Ded 2P  8W+2B    VC  Action
 6/82 Red Clash         American Suntronics  Ded 2P  8W+1B    VC
   83 Boggy '83                                  2P           HC  Sports
   83 Fighting Roller                            2P
   83 Fly Boy                         Taito      2P
   83 Jumping Coaster                 Taito      2P
   84 Highway Jumper                  Taito  Ded 2P
   84 Ring Fighter                    Taito      2P
   85 Lady Master                     Taito  Kit 2P
   85 Ninchaku                                   2P
   85 Uke Uke                                    2P
   86 All Fox Z                              Kit 2P  8W+2B
   86 Pleybirian                                 2P            C
   87 Hot Smash (Vs.)                        Kit 2P
   88 Dr. Topple                             Kit 2P
 4/88 Kageki                  Taito/Romstar  Kit 2P  8W+2B    VC  Fighting
   88 Heavy Unit                      Taito  Kit 2P  8W+2B    HC  Shooter
 6/90 Air Buster    Sharp Image Electronics  Kit 2P  8W+2B    HC  Shooter
 4/90 DJ Boy                 American Sammy  Kit 2P  8W+2B    HC  Action
11/90 Gals Panic                             Kit 2P  8W+2B    HC  Action
   90 Magical Crystal                        Kit 2P  8W+2B
   92 B Rap Boys                             Kit 2P  8W+2B    HC  Action
 9/92 Great 1000 Mile Rally              Ded/Kit 1P  Steering HC  Racing
   92 Nexzr                      Interstate  Kit 2P  8W+2B    VC  Shooter
10/93 Blood Warriors                         Kit 2P  8W+6B    HC  Fighting
10/93 Bonk's Adventure - Arcade Vers(Mini)   Min 2P  8W+2B    HC  Action/Redemp
10/93 Bonk's Adventure - Arcade Vers(Upr)    Ded 2P  8W+2B    HC  Action/Redemp
 9/93 Gals Panic II                          Kit 2P  8W+2B    HC  Action
10/93 Gals Panic II - Quiz Version           Kit 2P  8W+2B    HC  Trivia
 3/93 Shogun Warriors                        Kit 2P  8W+2B    HC  Fighting
 3/94 BC Kid                                 Kit 2P  8W+2B
 4/95 Jackie Chan    Time Warner Interactive     2P  8W+4B    HC  Fighting


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