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O-Taito is the Old Taito pinout on wiretap.
N-Taito is the New-Taito pinout (Like Elevator Action).
   Quote by R. Schieve: "Taito.pin will match most for power, ground,
     monitor, and speaker connections but inputs are usually quite different."
DECO/Data East is the Data East pinout.  See Ring King.pin or KarateChamp.pin.I
AtariV is Black Widow and Gravitar and Space Duel
Konami if the Konami pinout.  See Konami\Rush'n'Attack.pin.
BZone is Battle Zone and Red Baron
Tehkan games seem to follow the same pinout.  I don't have that pinout, though.
Universal is the Mr. Do! series pinout.
Midway1 is the TRON/Discs of Tron/Satan's Hollow pinout.
Midway2 is the Galaga/Mappy/Bosconian pinout.
Nintendo is the Donkey Kong/Popeye pinout.
Namco1 is the Pacman series/Galaxian pinout.
Sega-Old may be the same as Sega2.  
   G.B. (Name removed by request) referred to it as the "Old style Sega pinout"
Sega2 is the standard Sega 2-player pinout
Sega4 is the standard Sega 4-player pinout
System I  = Atari System I game
System II = Atari System II game
Gorf refers to the fact that these games share the same boards
Other pinout types refer to actual games.

"K" in first column indicates it is *not* currently in the KLOV
"C" in first column indicates I have the control panel layout details
An asterisk (*) indicates a new addition to the list.
A plus sign (+) in the second column means the information was updated or

The "Type" column indicates the pinout type or conversion class.

   Game Name                 Type      Manufacturer         Year H/V
   ---------                 ----      ------------         ---- ---
*  4 Player Football                   Atari                1979  V
   10 Yard Fight                       Taito<Irem           1984  H
   720 Degrees                         Atari Games          1986  H
   1942                      Capcom    Capcom               1984  V
      (Compare 1942.pin against Capcom.pin)
*  A. B. Cop   Air Bike                Sega                       H
      (feat. handlebar)
   Aeroboto                            Williams
*  Air Combat                          Namco                1992  H
*  Air Rescue                System32  Sega                       H
      (Helicopter games w/moving seat.  Req. special controllers)
   Airwolf                             Hokkadio/            1987  V
                                          United Amusement
   Alcon                               Taito                      V
K  Alien Sector                        Namco                      H
   Alien Syndrome                      Sega                 1987  H
 + All American Football               Leland               1989  H
   Altered Beast             Sega2     Sega                 1988  H
*  American Speedway                   Date East<PGD        1987
   Amidar                    Namco1    Stern<Konami         1982  V
      (there may be more than one pinout for this.  Someone thought
       it was by Nichibutsu)
      (Two different people thought this games used a different
       pinout.  One thought it was like Pac-Man/Galaxian, and
       one thought it used the Konami pinout)
*  Apache 3                            Data East<Tatsumi    1989
*  AquaJack                            Romstar              1989  H
*  Arabian                                                        V
*  Arabian Fight             System32  Sega                 1991  H 1-4Plyr
K  Argus                               Jaleco
   Arkanoid                  N-Taito   Taito or Romstar?    1986  V
      (Rick Schieve believes Arkanoid does not match Jungle King/Jungle
      Hunt, but I'm pretty sure the pinouts for these games on wiretap
      match almost exactly.  Arkanoid does have an encoder wheel, though.)
      (Also, is it possible Taito licensed this from Romstar or vice-versa?)
K  Arknow                              Romstar                    V
      (Is this really a game, or did someone spell Arkanoid wrong?)
*  Arm Champs II                       Jaleco               1992  V
      (Arm wrestling game w/ mechanical wrestling arm.  For use in
       North America only)
   Armored Car                         Stern
K  ASO?                                S.N.K.
      (I have no idea what this is.)
   Asteroids                 Asteroids Atari                1979  H  Vector
   Asteroids Deluxe          Asteroids Atari                1980  H  Vector
      (3 pairs of pins must be swapped)
*  Atomic Punk                         Irem                 1991  H  2-4Plyr
*  Atomic Punk 2                       Irem                 1992  H
*  Atomic Robo-Kid                     Nichibutsu           1989  H
 + Aurail                    Sega2     Sega                 1990  H
   Avengers                            Capcom                     V
   BagMan                              Stern                1983  V
   Bank Panic                          Midway                     H
K  Baraduke                            Namco
   Barrier                             Cinematronics              V B/W XY
      (25" monitor)
K? Baseball II                         Cinematronics              H
      (KLOV lists a "Baseball Season II" by Lelend.  I don't know if
       they are the same.  It could be "World Series Baseball II" since
       Cinematronics put out "World Series Baseball")
K  Battle Lane                         Romstar              1986  V
   Battlezone                BZone     Atari                      H  Vector
      (when converting from Red Baron, BZ needs controls rewired)
*  Beast Busters                       S.N.K.               1989  H
      (3-player gun)
   Berserk                   Berserk   Stern                1980  H
*  Big Event Golf                                                 V
*  Big Run                             Jaleco               1989  H
      (also moveable sit down)
   Birdie King                         Taito                1982? V
   Birdie King II                      Monroe               1984? V?
*  Birdie Try                          I*Vics<Data East     1990  V  Kit
*  Birdiy                              Mama*Top             1983
   Black Widow               AtariV    Atari                      H  Vector
   Blasteroids                         Atari Games          1988  H
K  Blazeon                                                        H
*  Blood Bros.                         Fabtek<TAD           1990  H
      (Ticket dispenser option for redemption)
*  Bloodstorm                                                     H
   Body Slam                           Sega<Sun                   H
   Bomb Jack                 Tehkan    Tehkan                     V
K  Boogie Wings                                                   H
   Bosconian                 Midway2   Midway<Namco         1981  H
*  Buck Rogers                         Sega                 1982
   Bubble Bobble             N-Taito   Taito                      H
      (44 pin version) jpm lists it as Sega compatible?
*  Bubbles
   Bump 'n Jump                        Data East            1982
C  Bump 'n Jump                        Midway<Data East     1983
   BurgerTime                          Data East            1982  V
      (DECO Cassette System)
   BurgerTime                          Midway<Data East     1983  V
      (Sega or N-Taito?  jpm lists it as Sega compatible?)
*  Casino Strip                        Quantum Industries         H
      (Rated X or R)
   Caveman Ninja             Data East Data East            1991  H
      (Video Connection lists this as JAMMA)
C  Centipede                           Atari                1980  V
   Championship Baseball     Sega2     Sega                 1983  H
   Championship Baseball II            Sega                 1984  H
   Championship Sprint       System II Atari Games
*  Championship Wrestling                                         V
*  Change Lanes                        Taito                1983  H
      (Needs steering wheel, gas pedal, shift lever)
*  Cheyenne                            Exidy                      H
*  Chase H.Q.                          Taito                1988  H
*  Chiller                             Exidy                1986  H
      (bloody gun game - sequel to Crack-Shot)
   Choplifter                Sega-Old  Sega                 1985  H
      (Are there two different games?  KLOV also lists a "Choplifter"
       by Midway in 1982.  Mentions Sega might have re-released the
       game later or something.)
      (There is a large and small PCB version.  Could be the "old"
       Midway vs. the "new" Sega)
   Chopper I                           S.N.K.               1988  V
   Circus Charlie            Konami    Centuri              1984  V
*  Cisco Heat                          Jaleco               1990  H
      (moving seat - vibration - linkable
*  Cloak & Dagger                      Atari                1983  H
 + Combat                              Exidy                      H
      (May be compatible with Crossbow and Cheyenne.)
K? Comet                               Data East
      (Halley's Comet?  Killer Comet?)
   Commando                  Capcom    Data East/Capcom     1985  V
   Commando II?              Capcom                               V?
   Congo Bongo               Zaxxon    Sega                 1983  V
 + Continental Circus                  Taito                1987  H
      (Driving game, licensed from U.S. Navy, cabinet says
       "Continental Circuit")
   Cosmic Avenger                      Universal            1981
*  Cosmos                              Century Electronics  1981
      (Century, not Centuri.  Based in Oldham, England)
K  C.O.W.-Boys Moo Mesa                                           H
      (Is this the real name?)
*  Crazy Climber                                                  H
   Crazy Kong                          Falcon
   Crossbow                            Exidy                1983  H
*  Cruis'n USA                         Midway<Nintendo            H
                                         Ultra 64
*  Crush Roller                        Exidy                1981  V
   Cyberball                           Atari Games          1988  H
*  Cyber Sled                          Namco                1993  H
      (Two screen setup, head-to-head Battlezone/Spectre against
       computer or opponent)
   Dangar                              Nichibutsu           1986  V
   Darius                                                         H
      (triple horizontal monitors)
   Dark Mist                           Taito                      V
   Dark Planet                         Stern                1983  H
*  Daytona USA                         Sega                 1994  H
K  Dazzler                             Centuri                    V
   Defender                            Williams             1980  H
*  Desert Race                         Muppet Video
      (4-wheel All-Terrain Vehicle game for kids 4-12)
   Dig Dug                             Atari<Namco          1982  V
   Discs of Tron             Midway1   Midway
   Donkey Kong               Nintendo  Nintendo             1981  V
      (Only the 2 board version of DK matches the rest.  There is a 4
      board version that is just as common as the 2 board version but
      wired completely different.  Gregg Woodcock thinks there are 3
      different board versions of the game with at least 2 different
   Donkey Kong Jr.           Nintendo  Nintendo             1982  V
   Donkey Kong II?           Nintendo  Nintendo
      (This game probably doesn't exist.  Perhaps it never did, or
       maybe it sort of refers to DK Jr.)
   Donkey Kong III           Nintendo  Nintendo             1984  V
   Do Run Run                Universal Universal
K? Double Play Baseball                Leland                     H
      (KLOV lists a "Double Play" by Cinematronics 1986.  It is a
       Cinemat-System title.)
      (Uses LS-30 joystick)
*  Dragon's Lair II:Time Warp          Leland               1991  H
      (laser disc)
*  DragRace                            Atari                1977  H
      (2-player driving game, steering wheel, gas pedal, 4-speed shift)
*  Drug Wars: Crime Patrol 2           American Laser Games 1993  H
      (Uses laser disc and 2 gun controls)
*  Dynamic C.C.              System24  Sega                       H
*  Eagle                               Centuri                    V
      (different pinouts, but same control panel layout as Phoenix)
*  Eagle Shot Golf                                                H
*  Earth Defense Force                                            H
   Elevator Action           N-Taito   Taito                1984  H
   The Empire Strikes Back   StarWars  Atari                      H  Vector
      (a conv. kit for StarWars which required additions/replacements
      of ROM's, a special piggyback board and modifications to the game
      board -- cutting traces and rewiring)
   The End                             Stern                      V
   Enduro Racer                        Sega
*  Escape from the Planet of           Atari Games          1989  H
     the Robot Monsters
   Eswat Cyber Police        Sega2     Sega                 1988  H
      (should year be 1990? KLOV lists it as 1990)
      (Everyone lists this as "E-SWAT", but the marquee and tha
       actual game screen show "Eswat")
K  Exed Exes                 Capcom    Capcom                     V
   Exerion                             Taito<Jaleco               V
K+ Exciting Hour                       Technos<Taito        1985  V
   Express Raider                      Data East            1986  H
      (Cowboy shooting/fighting game)
*  Eyes                                Rock-Ola             1982  V
*  F1 Exhaust Note           System32  Sega                       H
      (Sit-down driving game; steering wheel, gas, brake, wing shift) 
*  F-15 Strike Eagle                   MicroProse                 H
      (shoot 'em up flying game)
K  The Fairland Story                  Taito                      H
      (Could this be another name for "The New Zealand Story"?)
*  Fantasy                             Rock-Ola<S.N.K.      1982  V
 + Final Blow                          Romstar<Taito        1988  H
*  Final Lap 2                         Namco                1990  H
      (Can link up to four 2-player units)
*  Final Lap 3                         Namco                      H
*  Final Round (The)                   Konami               1989  H
   Final Starforce                                                V
*  Fire Shark                          Toaplan              1989  V
   Flash Gal                           Kyugo                      H
K  Flower                              Komax                      H
K  Fly Ball                            Atari                      H
*  Four Trax ATV Racing                Atari Games<Namco    1989  H
      (Can link up to four 2-player units)
   Frenzy                    Berserk   Stern                1982  H
      (Swap CPU board only?)
   Frogger                   Konami    Sega<Gremlin         1981  V
*  Front Line                          Taito                1982  V?
*  Future Flash                        HOEI                       V
      (classic arcade-like space shoot 'em up)
   Future Spy                Zaxxon    Midway                     V
      (Made by Sega also?)
*  Gain Ground                         Sega                 1989  V
      (up to 3 plyr)
C  Galaga                    Midway2   Midway<Namco         1981  V
      (Namco Galaga board are not as common as Midway Galaga boards and
      the boards sets are totally different.)
      (It is the Midway board that matches Mappy and Bosconian)
C  Galaga 3
      (What is the deal with Galaga Plus vs. Galaga 3 vs. Galaga III?)
   Galaga Plus                         Midway<Namco
      (I assume Gaplus is the same as Galaga Plus.  If not, Gaplus is
       only from Namco, possibly not licensed to Midway.)
   Galaxian                  Namco1?   Midway<Namco         1979  V
      (Speaker outputs are different from the other gaems in this class.)
K  Galivan                             Nichibutsu                 V
*  Gang Wars                           S.N.K.               1989  H
   Gauntlet                  Gauntlet  Atari Games          1985  H  2P&4P
   Gauntlet II               Gauntlet  Atari Games          1986  H
      (Required a ROM change.)
   Ghostbusters                        Data East                  H
   Ghosts 'n Goblins         Capcom    Taito                1985  H
   Ghosts 'n Goblins         Capcom    Capcom               1985  H
      (Some ROMs are copyright Capcom, some are copyright Taito)
*  Gimme A Break                       Bally Sente
      (Pool game)
   Gladiators                          Taito                1988  H
      (I don't know if the title is Gladiator or Gladiators.)
K  The Glob                            Epos                       V
*  G-LOC Air Battle: Loss              Sega                 1990  H
     of Consciousness by G Force
   Goindol                             Sun Electronics            V
   Golden Axe                Sega2     Sega                 1989  H
*  Golden Tee Golf                     Strata<              1989  H
                                         Incredible Technologies
   Gondomania                          Data East                  V
      ("Gondomania" or "GondoMania"?)
      (Uses LS-30 joystick)
*  Gorf                      Gorf      Midway                     H
*  GP Rider                            Sega                       H
      (Motorcycle riding game, linkable)
*  Grand Prix Star                     Jaleco               1991  H
      (Driving game; link up to two 2-player machines; feedback steering)
   Gravitar                  AtariV    Atari                1982  H  XY
K  Green Beret               Konami                               H
      (This could really be "Green Beret - Rush 'n Attack")
*  Gridiron Fight                      Tecmo/Tehkan         1986  H
      (announced by Tecmo, but marquee with the old name Tehkan)
*  Guardian                            Kitcorp<Taito        1986  H
*  Guided Missile                      Midway               1977  H
C  Gyruss                    Konami    Centuri<Konami       1983  V
 + Halley's Comet                      Coin-It<Taito        1986  V
*  Hard Drivin'                        Atari Games          1988  H
      (sit-down - feedback steering - polygon)
*  Hex Pool                                                       H
*  Hi-Way                              Atari                1975  H
      (sit-down driving game!  In color!)
K  Hunchback                           Century Electronics  1983  V
      (Century, not Centuri.  Company is based in the U.K.)
      (Comes in Scramble and Galaxian type PCBs.  Scramble PCB
       has 2 PCBs, top is 3/4 the size of the bottom, 36-pin
       edge connector is on the corner of the top board.  Galaxian
       PCB has only 1 PCB with 36-pin edge connector in the
       center of the board)
   Hypersports               Konami    Centuri<Konami       1984  H
   Ikari Warriors                      Trade West<S.N.K.    1986  V
      (Uses LS-30 joystick)
   Indiana Jones and the     System I  Atari Games/         1985  H
      Temple of Doom                      LucasFilm
*  Indy Heat                           Leland               1991  H
      (Actually "Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat")
K  In the Hunt                         Irem                       H
K  Intrepid                            Nova                       V
K  Irem Skins                          Irem                       H
 + Iron Horse                          Konami               1986  H
   Jack the Giant Killer               Cinematronics        1982  V
 + Jailbreak                 Konami    Konami               1985  H
K  Jay Tee                             SIDAM?
   Journey                             Midway               1983  V
C  Joust                               Williams             1982  H
 + Jump Bug                            Rock-Ola<HOEI        1981  V
      (Uses joystick and one button)
K  Jump Shot                           Midway                     V
   Jungle Hunt               N-Taito   Taito                1982  H
   Jungle King               N-Taito   Taito                1982  H
K+ Jungler                             Stern                1982  V
      (Snake-eat-snake game.  4-way joystick and one fire button)
   Juno First                Konami?   Konami               1983  V
   Kangaroo                            Atari                1982  V
   Karate Champ              DECO      Data East            1984  V
      (One person thinks it is horizontal)
   Kicker                              Konami                     V
*  Kick-Man                            Midway               1981  V
   Kid Niki                            Data East                  H
K  Kik Start                           Taito                      H
*  Killer Instinct                     Midway/Nintendo/Rare 1994  H
   Konami GT                           Konami                     H
*  Krazy Bowl                                                     H
K  Kung-Fu Kingsize
 + Kung-Fu Master                      Date East<Irem       1984  H
       (KLOV lists it as Data East 1985.  Two different games?)
   Ladybug                   Universal?Universal            1981
       (May use same pinout as Mr Do! games)
*  Laser Ghost                         Sega                 1990  H 1-3Plyr
      (Terminator 2 like game)
   Last Mission                        Data East            1986  V
K  L.E.D. Storm                                                   V
K  Legend
   Legend of Kage                      Taito                1985  H
*  Legend of Makai                     Jaleco               1988  H
   Legendary Wings                     Capcom                     V
*  Lethal Enforcers                    Konami               1992  H
*  Lethal Enforcers II:                Konami               1994  H
      (I am pretty sure both Lethal Enforcers games are JAMMA)
*  Line of Fire                        Sega                 1989
      (sitdown/cockpit style shooting game)
*  Lock 'n Chase                       Taito                1981  V
   Looping                             Venture Line         1982  V
      (Uses 2-way joystick and 2 buttons)
   Lost Tomb                           Stern                1983  V
   L.S.A. Squad                        Taito                      V
   Lunar Rescue              O-Taito   Taito                      V
      (2-way joystick plus one fire button?)
K  Mad Crasher                         S.N.K.                     H
*  Mad Dog McCree                      Atari<American Laser       H
*  Mad Dog II: the Lost Gold           American Laser Games 1992  H
   Mad Planet                          Gottlieb             1983
   Mag Max                             Nichibutsu                 H
   Major Havoc, The                    Atari                1984  H  Clr Vector
     Adventures of
      (Conv. kit from Tempest)
*  Major League                        Sega                 1986  V
   Mania Challenge                     Memetron<Taito       1986  V?
      (One source listed it as being from Technos)
      (At least one person thinks it is horizontal)
   Mappy                     Midway2   Midway<Namco         1983  V
   Marble Madness            System I  Atari Games          1984
   Mario Bros.               Nintendo  Nintendo             1983  H
   Marvin's Maze                       S.N.K.                     V
   Mat Mania                           Memetron             1985  H?
      (One source says it's horizontal, Video Connection says vertical)
*  Mazer Blazer                        Stern                1983  H
      (uses Gun and mirror)
*  MechaNized Attack                   S.N.K.               1989
      (2 UZI machine gun with recoil)
   Mega Zone                 Konami    Konami<Kosuka        1983  V
*  Merit Trivia                                                   H
*  Midnight Rescue                     U.S. Games
   Mighty Guy                          Nichibutsu                 V
   Mikie                               Konami                     V
   Millipede                           Atari                1984  V
K  Minefield                           Stern                      V
*  Mini Golf                           Bally Sente          1985  H  1-4Plyr
      (Sente System game)
*  Missile Command                                                H
*  MK3 (Mortal Kombat 3)               Midway               1995  H
      (I don't know if this is JAMMA yet or not)
*  Monkey Mole Panic                   Taito                      H
      (9 Punch-Buttons - Linkable up to 4 games (?!))
K  Monsterland                         Sega                       H
K  Moon Alien                          Nihon Bussan
   Moon Cresta               Namco1    Gremlin<Sega         1980
      (only some Moon Cresta's work with the Pac-Man pinouts.)
   Moon Patrol                         Williams/Irem        1982  H
*  Moto Frenzy                         Atari Games          1992  H
      (Featuring a motorcycle with 2 independent motors & handlebar -
   Motorace USA                        Williams                   V
      (I assume this is the same as "Motor Race".  There are two
       "Motorace USA" games in the KLOV.  One is "Motorace USA -
       Zippy Racer" by Irem.  I don't know if they are the same game.)
   Mouse Trap                          Exidy                1981  H
   Mr. Do!                   Universal Universal            1982  V
      (There is another Mr. Do! made by Electron in 1982)
 + Mr. Do!'s Castle          Universal Universal            1983  V
   Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride       Universal Universal                  H
C  Ms. Pac-Man               Namco1    Midway<Namco         1981  V
K  Mutant Fighter                                                 H
   My Hero                             Sega                       H
K  Mystic Warrior                                                 H
*  Name That Tune                      Bally Sente          1986  H
*  NARC                                Williams             1988  H
      (2 8-way joysticks, 3 buttons per joystick)
   Naughty Boy                         Nichibutsu           1982
   Nemesis                   Konami    Konami
*  Nibbler                             Rock-Ola                   V
      (Uses 4-way joystick)
*  Night Striker                       Taito                1989  H
   Ninja Princess                      Sega                       H
   Ninja Warriors                                                 H
      (triple horizontal monitors.  Same controls as Darius.  Same
        pinouts too?)
*  N.Y. Captor                         Taito                1986  H
K? Omega
      (I don't know if there is a game called Omege, or if it should have
       been listed as Omega Race or Omega Fighter or even Star Base Omega)
*  Operation: Gunbuster                Taito                1992  H
      (Like Terminator 2)
*  Operation Wolf                      Taito                1987  H
      (Terminator 2 like game)
*  Ordyne                              Sharp Image<Namco    1989  H
*  OutRun                              Sega                       H
*  OutRunners                          Sega                 1992  H
      (2 seats, 2 screens, can select music you wnt to listen to)
 + Pac-Land                  Namco1    Namco                1984  H
      (The KLOV lists two Pac-Land's.  One by Namco in 1984, and the other
       by Midway [no date].  The game descriptions don't exactly match, but
       they could.)
      (Rick Schieve doesn't think Pac-Land belongs in this class.)
   Pac-Man                   Namco1    Midway<Namco         1980  V
   Pac-Man Jr.               Namco1                               V
      (Comes in both AC and DC powered versions.)
   Pac-Man Plus              Namco1    Midway<Namco         1982  V
      (Chip replacement for Pac-Man?)
   Paperboy                  System II Atari Games          1984
   Pengo                               Sega<Gremlin         1982  V
   Pepper II                           Exidy                1982  V
   Perfect Billiards                                              H
   Peter Pack Rat            System I  Atari Games          1984
      (Is it "Peter Packrat" or "Peter Pack Rat"?)
   Phoenix                   Phoenix   Centuri<Amstar       1980  V
*  Phraze Craze                                                   H
   Pigskin 621 A.D.                    Midway               1990  H
   Pinball Action            Tehkan?   Tehkan               1986  V
*  Pioneer Balloon                     Rock-Ola<S.N.K.      1982  V
K  Pipe Dream                                                     H
   Pirate Pete               N-Taito?  Taito                1983
   The Pit                   Konami?   Centuri<Konami       1983  V
   Pitfall II                          Sega                 1986  H
   Pleaides                  Phoenix?  Midway
      (Someone posted once that they thought Pleaides had the same pinouts
      as Phoenix.  No one has verified this.)
*  Plotting                            Taito                1989  H
   Pole Position                       Atari<Namco          1982  H
*  Pole Position II                    Atari<Namco          1983  H
   Popeye                    Nintendo  Nintendo             1982  H
      (There are 2 versions of Popeye and only the 2 board version matches
      the rest.)
   Portman                             Taito
      ("Port Man" or "Portman"?)
*  Power Drift                         Sega                 1988  H
      (also simulator version with spin and roll)
*  Powerplay                           Cinematronics
      (Soccer game for the Cinemat System)
K  Psycho                              Taito
      (KLOV lists a Psycho Soldier by S.N.K.)
   Punch Out!                          Nintendo             1983  H
*  QB-3                                Rock-Ola                   V
      (Uses joystick and trackball.  Possibly a color vector game.)
*  Q*bert                              Gottlieb                   V
   Q*bert's Qubes                      Gottlieb            ~1984  V
 + Qix                                 Taito                1981  V
      (Uses joystick and 2 buttons)
   Quantum                             Atari                      V XY
 + Quarterback                         Leland               1987  V
   Quartet                   Sega4     Sega<Sun             1986  H  4P
*  Race Drivin'                        Atari Games          1990  H
      (polygon; available as dedicated or conversion kit for Hard Drivin')
*  Rad Mobile                System32  Sega                       H
      (deluxe or upright)
*  Rail Chase                          Sega                       H
      (magical bench seat - air drive system)
   Rally Bike                          Taito                1988  V
K  Rambo 3                                                        H
   Rampage                             Midway               1986  H
   Red Baron                 BZone     Atari                1980     Vector
      (When converting from BattleZone, RB needs control rewired and one
       extra line)
*  Red Clash                                                      V
   Regulus                                                        V
   Rescue                    Konami    Stern                1983  V
      (Helicopter game.  Uses two joysticks.  Left joystick moves
       helicopter, right controls direction of fire.)
   Return of the Jedi                  Atari Games          1984  V
*  Revolution-X: Music is              Midway               1994  H
     the Weapon
      (Terminator 2 like game)
*  Ridge Racer 2                       Namco                      H
      (2 monitor driving game; drive against computer or head-to-head)
   Ring King                 DECO      Data East            1985  V
      (One person has reported having a boardset with 36 pin connector)
      (DECO uses 44 pins)
      (aka "King of Boxer")
   Ring King II                        Data East            1986  V
   RoadBlasters              System I  Atari Games          1987  H
*  Road Fighter              Konami                               V
*+ Road Riot 4wd                       Atari                1991  H
   Road Runner               System I  Atari Games                H
   Robotron 2084                       Williams             1982  H
   Roc & Rope                          Konami               1983  H
K  Rough Ranger                        Suna                       H
      (KLOV lists a "Rough Ranger" from Sharp Image<Capcom)
 + Rug Rats                            Nichibutsu           1983  V
      (Bad ripoff od Dig Dug)
   Rush 'n Attack            Konami    Konami               1985  H
      (Is this really called: Green Beret Rush 'n Attack?)
   Rygar                               Tecmo                1986  H
   Rygar 2?                  Tehkan?
   Samurai                             Taito                1987
   Sarge                               Midway                     H
   Satan's Hollow            Midway1   Midway               1982  V
K  Sauro
   Scramble                  Konami    Stern                1981  V
      (I thought this was horizontal like Defender.)
*  Scramble Spirit                     Sega                 1988
   Search & Rescue                     S.N.K.                     V
*  Sea Wolf                            Midway               1976  H
      (Periscope game)
*  Senjyo                              Tehkan               1983  V
      (Each player needs a joystick and a button)
K  Shadow Fighters           Sega2     Sega                 1989  H
   Shinobi                   Sega2     Sega                 1987  H
      (Is there another, daughter version, that is JAMMA?)
*  Shooting Master                     Sega                 1986  H
   Shoot Out                           Data East            1985  H
*  Shuffle Board                       Midway               1978  V
   Sinistar                            Williams             1982  V
K  Sky Kid                   Midway2   Namco                      H
      (KLOV lists a "Vs. Sky Kid" from Sunsoft 1988.)
K  Sky Wolf                            K&G
   Slap Fight                          Taito                      V
*  Sonic Blast Man                     Taito                      H
      (Actually "Super Sonic Blast Man")
      (Don actual gloves and punch!)
*  Smokey Joe                          Atari                1978  H
      (Fire truck driving game)
*  Solar Quest                         Cinematronics        1981
      (Uses Vectorbeam monitor)
*  Solitaire Challenge                                            H
      (sold in mini-Dynamo cabinet.  Uses trackball with one button
       on either side)
   Son Son                             Capcom                     H
   Space Duel                AtariV    Atari                1981  H  Vector,2P
   Space Dungeon                       Taito                1982
      (John Grigsby, grigsby@agames.com, said the boards look like the
      Qix boards)
K  Space Fever                         Nintendo                   H
C  Space Invaders            O-Taito   Taito<Midway         1978  V  BnW
      (Isn't the licensing backwards?  I think Taito programmed it and
       Midway marketed it.  The outside of the cabinet says "Midway"
       in large letters.)
      (There are two sets of pinouts.  There are the Taitio-compatible
       pinouts and then there are the Midway pinouts.)
*  Space Odyssey                       Sega                 1981  V
   Space Panic                         Universal            1980
*  Space Pirates                       Atari<American Laser       H
      (Laser - Similar to "Who Shot Johnny Rock" and "Mad Dog McCree")
*  Space Wars                          Cinematronics
      (Uses Vectorbeam monitor, 1024x768 resolution)
      (Looks like a reset button in the center and each player
       gets 5 buttons)
*  Space Zap                 Gorf      Midway               1980  H
   Spectar                             Exidy                1980  H
*  Speed Buggy                         Data East<Tatsumi    1986  H
      (1-monitor or 3-monitors version)
   Speed Rumbler                       Capcom                     V
K  Spiders                             Venture Line         1981  V
      (Did some group called "Sigma" program it?)
      (left/right and fire button?)
      (Venture Line Change-A-Game)
 + Spinal Breakers                     Amwerican Sammy            H
      (I think this games uses a gun controller)
*  Splatterhouse                       Sharp Image<Namco    1989  H
   Spy Hunter                          Midway               1983  V
*  Stadium Cross                       Sega                       H
      (system multi 32 - feat. moving cycle)
*  StarBlade                           Namco                1991  H
      (Cockpit game, similar to Star Wars)
   Star Castle                         Cinematronics        1980  H  Vector
*  Starfire                            Exidy II
   Star Force                Tehkan    Tehkan                     V
   Stargate                            Williams             1981  H
*  Starhawk                            Cinematronics
      (Looks like there might be 3 buttons per player)
   Starship 1                          Atari                1977  H  BnW
      (Starship flying game, uses steering wheel controller)
   Star Trek                           Sega                 1983     Vector
   Star Wars                 StarWars  Atari                1983  H  Vector
*  St. Dragon                          Jaleco               1989  H
*  Steel Gunner                        Namco                1990  H
      (Probably JAMMA)
      (Uses 2 gun controllers)
*  Steel Talons                        Atari Games          1991  H
      (polygon - linkable, 2 screens)
*  S.T.U.N. Runner                     Atari Games          1989  H
      (polygonal graphics)
      (Driving game with Star Wars-like controller)
*  Stocker                             Bally Sente          1984  H
      (Driving game, Hi/Lo shifter)
 + Strategy X                          Stern                1981  H
      (Joystick moves tank, 1 button to move turret left, 1 button
       to move turret right, 1P, 2P; joystick may be 4-way)
   Strike Zone Baseball                Leland               1988  H
   Super Basketball                    Konami                     V
K  Super Bike
*  Super Bug                           Kee Games            1977  V
      (Driving game -- steerting wheel, gas pedal, 1P, 2P)
K  Super Casino                        Data Amusements            V
*  Super Chase                         Taito                      H
      (Driving game -- steering wheel, hi/lo shift w/ Turbo button)
   Super Cobra               Konami    Stern                1982  V
*  Super Hang-On                       Sega                 1987  H
      (Motorcycle driving game w/ motorcycle controller)
*  Superior Soldiers                   Irem                       H
      (Probably JAMMA)
   Super Mario Bros.                   Nintendo             1985  H
K  Super Masters                       Sega                       H
      (This might match the Sega ro Capcom pinout)
*  Super Monaco GP                     Sega                 1989  H
      (also dedicated sit down)
*  Super Moon Cresta                                              V
*  Super Off Road                      Leland               1988  H
      (three-player driving - software upgrade: "the Track-Pak")
      (Actually "Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road")
   Super Pac-Man                       Midway<Namco         1982  V
C+ Super Spacefortress Macross         Fabtek<Banpresto     1992  V
      (Also has copyright 1982 by Big West)
*  Super Speed Race                    Midway               1979  V
      (Color driving game, steering wheel, gas pedal, hi/lo shift,
       LEDs for 1st thru 5th place, score and time)
*  Super Sprint                        Atari Games          1986  H
      (three-player driving - sequel to Sprint)
   Super Volleyball                    Video System         1989  H
      (This could be the same JAMMA Atari game with the same title.
       KLOV listed "Super Volleyball" from Video System 1989)
   Super Zaxxon              Zaxxon    Sega                 1982  V
   Tag Team Wrestling                  Technos<Data East    1984  V
*  Tailgunner                          Cinematronics              H
      (Vector graphics?  Blue graphics on white screen)
*  Tail Gunner 2                       Exidy II                   H
      (Vector graphics?  White graphics on blue screen)
      (Flyer says it's a sequel to Starfire, but the graphics sure
       do look like Tailgunner's)
*  Tank                                Kee Games            1974
   Targ                                Exidy                1980  H
 + Task Force Harrier                  American Sammy Corp. 1989  V
   Tazmania                  Konami                               V
   Team Quarterback, John              Leland               1988  V
*  Tehkan World Cup                    Tecmo/Tehkan         1986  H
      (announced by Tecmo, but marquee with the old name Tehkan)
*  Tekken                              Namco                1994  H
      (Probably JAMMA)
   Tempest                             Atari                1980  V  Vector
*  Terminator 2: Judgement             Midway<Acclaim       1991  H
      (Probably JAMMA)
 + Terra Cresta                        Sega<Gremlin               V
      (One source listed Terra Cresta as being from Nichibutsu)
      ("is originally a Nichibutsu game dated 1986. Here,
        in italy, I've never seen a Sega-Gremlin version.")
K+ Thunder Cross                       Konami               1989  H
   Tiger Heli                          Romstar              1986  V
      (One source listed Tiger Heli as being from Taito.  Probably
   Time Pilot                Konami?   Centuri<Konami       1982  V
      (joystick plus 1 Fire button, 1P, 2P)
   Time Pilot '84            Konami    Konami               1984  V
      (conversion kit -- from Time Pilot, Gyruss, and Track & Field?)
      (joystick plus 2 buttons)
K  Tip Top                             Sega
   TNK III                             S.N.K.               1985  V
   Tokio                               Romstar              1983  V
   Toobin'                   Toobin    Atari Games          1988  V
      (gmandel@megatest.com believes these are CPU board swaps.
         Toobin' <-> Xybots <-> Vindicators
      Gregg Woodcock might have concurred.)
*  Top Gun                             Midway
      (This may be a machanical game.  Has mechanical scoring like
       old pinball machines, and says it features a hologram target.
       It's hard to tell if there is a horizontally mounted monitor
       in it or not.  Uses a rifle controller.)
K+ Tough Turf                          Sega                 1986  H
      (I also have info that says, "Tough Turf, Sunsoft, 1988, H")
 + Tournament Cyberball 2072           Atari Games          1989  H
      (Two monitor, double cabinet, angled, up to 4 players)
      (Video Connection lists this as JAMMA)
   Track & Field             Konami    Centuri<Konami             H
      (one control panel input is different)
 + Trojan                              Romstar<Capcom       1986  H
   Tron                      Midway1   Midway               1982  V
      (All these games in the Midway1 conversion class all have really close
      pinouts, but the controls are mostly different.)
   Tumble Pop                          Data East/Leprechaun 1991  H
*  Turbo                               Sega                 1981  V
      (This is *not* Turbo OutRun)
*  Turbo OutRun                        Sega                 1988  H
      (dedicated sit down - sequel of "OutRun")
   Turtles                   Konami    Stern<Konami         1981  V
      (One 4-way joystick with one Bug Bomb button on either side.
       Bug bomb buttons double as 1P and 2P buttons)
      (Frogger clone)
      (This does *not* look like a Frogger clone)
 + Tutankham                 Konami    Stern<Konami         1982  H
      (what is different in the Konami pinout?)
      (One person believes it to be vertical)
C  Two Tigers                Midway1   Midway               1984  H
   U.F.O. Robo Dangar                  Nichibutsu                 V
*  UniWar.S                            Irem                       V
      (Classic-looking arcade game, space shoot 'em up, probably
       has same controls as Phoenix or Galaga [left/right and fire
        at least)
K  Valtric                             Jaleco                     V
   Vanguard                            Centuri              1982  V
      (One source lists Vanguard as being from S.N.K.  Was it released
       a second time and licensed to S.N.K.?)
   Vanguard II                         Centuri<S.N.K.             V
K  Vapor Trail                         Data East                  V
   Venture                             Exidy                1980  H
   Vindicators               Toobin    Atari Games          1988  H
   Vindicators Part II       Gauntlet  Atari Games          1990  H
      (Used all sockets on the Gauntlet board and needed control panel
      change for tank controls.  Contains 10 of the original 14 Vindicators
      levels.  T-shirt contest removed.)
*  Virtua Fighter                      Sega                       H
*  Virtua Fighter 2                    Sega                 1994  H
      (Both Virtua Fighters probably JAMMA)
*  Virtua Racing                       Sega                 1992  H
   Vulgus                              Capcom                     V
      (KLOV lists Vulgus as being from Konami)
   War of the Bugs                     Compost Designs
      (I believe the KLOV lists this as "War of the Insects")
*  Warp Warp                           Rock-Ola<Namco       1981  V
      (Uses 4-way joystick and one button)
K  Western Express                     Data East                  H
*  Who Shot Johnny Rock                Atari<American Laser       H
      (Laser - Sequel of "Mad Dog McCree")
*  Wild Western                        Taito                1982  H?
      (Uses 8-way joystick, revolving knob, and one button)
*  Wing War                            Sega                 1994  H
      (Cockpit flying game, 2 monitors, 2 seats)
*  Winner                              Midway                     H
      (Uses Solid State T.V., two rotary control knobs -- probably
       one for left hand and one for right hand)
*  Winning Run                         Namco                1989  H
      (moveable sit down - polygon)
*  Wizard of Wor             Gorf      Midway                     H
K  Wood Place Inc                                           1985
   Wonder Boy                          Sega                       H
      ("Wonderboy" or "Wonder Boy"?)
   World Series - The Season           Cinematronics        1985  H
      (KLOV also lists "World Series Baseball" by Cinematronics and
       "World Series" by Leland)
   Wrestle War               Sega2     Sega                 1989  V
   Xenophobe                           Midway               1987  H
*  Xevious                             Atari                      V
   Xybots                    Toobin    Atari Games          1987  H
   Yie Ar Kung Fu            Konami    Konami               1985  H
   Zarzon                              Taito                      V
   Zaxxon                    Zaxxon    Sega<Gremlin         1982  V
      (Zaxxon joystick, fire button on left and right, 1P, 2P)
*  Zero Team U.S.A.                    Fabtek                     H
      (Probably JAMMA)
*  Zodiack                             Esco Trading Co.           V
      (Looks like a classic arcade-style space shoot -em up like
       Asteroids.  I don't know what kind of controller(s) it es.)
*  Zwackery                           Midway                1985
Other notes:
   "Sega System 24 with the Disk Drive System runs Gain Ground, Hot Rod and
Crackdown. Super Masters was a limited production release."


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