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Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting
From: aaron@hatstand.demon.co.uk (Aaron Liddiment)
References: <bskendigD1DwKq.J66@netcom.com>
Organization: Very Silly Party
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Subject: Re: How do I configure Defender? (Macintosh version)
X-Posting-Host: hatstand.demon.co.uk
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 1995 00:00:55 +0000
Message-ID: <9404052230.AA0005l@hatstand.demon.co.uk>
Sender: usenet@demon.co.uk
Lines: 101

Brian Kendig (bskendig@netcom.com) wrote:

: Could someone who has the Defender arcade manual please sum up the finer
: points of its coverage of game options?  I'd be happy to forward that on
: to the usual Mac archive sites!

The following info is taken straight from the Williams booklet on Defender.

1. In game over mode, set switch to AUTO-UP and depress ADVANCE. The CRT
   indicates Function 1 and total left chute coins.
2. Record audit totals and depress ADVANCE for functions 1-7. To review a
   total that has been advanced past, set switch to MANUAL-DOWN and depress
   ADVANCE. Functions are displayed one at a time as follows:-

      Function    Total    Description
		   1          0      (Total) COINS LEFT
         2          0      (Total) COINS CENTER
         3          0      (Total) COINS RIGHT
         4          0      TOTAL PAID (Games)
         5          0      (Total Bonus) SHIPS WON
         6          0      TOTAL (Play) TIME (Minutes)
         7          0      TOTAL SHIPS (Played)
3. Operate ADVANCE to display Function 28, SPECIAL FUNCTION. From Function
   28 you can return to game over or zero audit totals and return to game
4. With switch set to AUTO-UP, perform a. or b. as desired.
      a. To return to game over depress ADVANCE.
      b. To zero audit totals and return to game over, operate HIGH SCORE
         RESET to indicate "35" on CRT Function 28 and then depress ADVANCE.

GAME ADJUSTMENTS (Functions 8-27)
1. In game over mode set switch to AUTO_UP and then depress ADVANCE. The CRT
   indicates Function 1 and total left chute coins.
2. To raise Function number on CRT, operate ADVANCE pushbutton with switch
   set to AUTO-UP. To lower Function number operate ADVANCE with it set to
3. With desired Function indicated, raise adjustment value by operating HIGH
   SCORE RESET with switch set to AUTO-UP; lower value by operating HIGH
   SCORE RESET with it set to MANUAL-DOWN. Value left on CRT is new setting.
   For values, see below and, for pricing, Table 1.

      Function   Factory Setting   Description
         08           10000        BONUS SHIP LEVEL (0=No Bonus Ships)
         09               3        SHIPS PER GAME
         10               3        COINAGE SELECT
         11               1        LEFT COIN MULT
         12               4        CENTER COIN MULT
         13               1        RIGHT COIN MULT
         14               1        COINS FOR CREDIT
         15               0        COINS FOR BONUS
         16               0        MINIMUM COINS
         17               0        FREE PLAY (Set to 1 for Free Play)
         18               0        STARTING DIFFICULTY (0=LIB; 1=MOD; 2=CONS)
         19              10        PROGRESSIVE WAVE DIFFICULTY LIMIT (4-25)
                                   e.g. 5-LIB; 10=MOD; 15=CONS;
         20               1        BACKGROUND SOUND (0=OFF; 1=ON)
         21               5        PLANET RESTORE WAVE NUMBER
         22               0        NOT USED
         23               0        NOT USED
         24               0        NOT USED
         25               0        NOT USED
         26               0        NOT USED
         27               0        NOT USED

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all desired adjustments have been made.
5. Operate ADVANCE until 28 0 SPECIAL FUNCTION is indicated on CRT. From
   Function 28 you can return to game over or restore factory settings.
   Perform step 6 or 7 as desired.
6. To return to game over, depress ADVANCE with switch set to AUTO-UP.
7. To restore factory settings and zero audit totals:
   a. Operate HIGH SCRORE RESET in AUTO-UP to indicate "45" on CRT Function
   b. Depress ADVANCE. The game returns to audit Function 1.
	c. Set switch to MANUAL-DOWN and depress ADVANCE to indicate Function 28
      on the CRT.
   d. Set switch to AUTO-UP and depress ADVANCE.

To reset the high score to the factory settings and erase signatures,
depress HIGH SCORE RESET in game over mode.

Well thats it for the Special Functions, I hope you find this of use :-)

I have been trying to find out more info on the company producing this
MAC emulator as I would love to get hold of it for my Amiga. Does anyone
know if they are going to do it or not? If they are not, then I would be
very interested in converting it for them as I am a programmer by trade.
Any help with this quest would be much appreciated.
My full email address is aaron@hatstand.demon.co.uk



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