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                         Atari Manual List

Here is a pretty complete list of documentation for Atari's early arcade
video games.  Note that "TM" stands for "Technical Manual" and "DP"
stands for "Drawing Package [supplement]" which was later renamed to
"SP" which stands for "Supplement Package".  I am not sure what "CO"
stands for but the "C" could be for "Correction" because most of the CO
documents were errata or addendums to the manuals.  In addition, most
Atari games had "ST" documents which were "Self Test" posters that
described DIP switch settings, self test instructions, and other similar
information.  These were typically stapled to inside of the back doors
of the games.  Send corrections/additions to me, Gregg Woodcock, at

Document Number        Title of Document
---------------        --------------------------------------------------
no number              Computer Games Operators Handbook
                        covers Pong, Space Race, Pong Doubles, Quadrapong,
                        Gotcha, Superpong, Rebound, World Cup Football,
                        Gran Trak 10, Color Gotcha
no number              Gran Trak 10
TM-019                 Pursuit
TM-043                 Video Game Operator's Handbook
TM-077                 Le Mans
TM-078                 Sprint 2
TM-080                 Night Driver
TM-086                 The Atarians (pin)
TM-099                 Time 2000 (pin)
TM-102                 Airborne Avenger (pin)
TM-107                 Ultra Tank
TM-108                 Middle Earth (pin)
TM-116                 Smokey Joe
TM-118                 Super Breakout
TM-119                 Space Rider (pin)
TM-125                 Wells-Gardner monochrome 23 inch monitor 92-040
TM-126                 Football
TM-130                 Video Pinball
TM-136, DP-136         Lunar Lander
TM-137                 Basketball
TM-143, DP-143         Asteroids
TM-144, DP-144         Soccer
TM-146                 Quadrascan monochrome 19 inch X-Y monitor 92-042
TM-147, DP-147         Missile Command
TM-148                 19-inch color monitor, Electrohome G07-901
TM-149, DP-149         Monte Carlo
TM-151                 Quadrascan monochrome 19 inch X-Y monitor A036150-01
                        19-inch Electrohome monochrome X-Y monitor 92-047
                        Quadrascan monochrome 15-inch X-Y monitor 92-045
TM-153                 14-inch Matsushita color display A036083-01
TM-156, DP-156         Battlezone upright
TM-157                 14-inch Sanyo color display A036084-01
TM-158, DP-158         Missile Command Cabaret
TM-160                 19-inch Electrohome display 92-049
TM-164                 19-inch Wells-Gardner monochrome X-Y monitor 92-050
TM-165, DP-165         Asteroids Deluxe
TM-166, DP-166         Battlezone Cabaret
TM-168                 19-inch Wells-Gardner color raster monitor, 92-051
TM-169, DP-169         Red Baron upright
TM-174, DP-174         Asteroids Deluxe cocktail
TM-175                 Warlords
TM-179,         CO-179 CAT Box User's Guide (and Cheat Sheet)
TM-181, SP-181         Space Duel
TM-182, DP-182         Centipede
TM-183,         CO-183 19 inch Wells-Gardner color X-Y monitor 92-053
                        19 inch Wells-Gardner color X-Y monitor A038590-01
TM-187                 14-inch Electrohome display 92-056
TM-188, DP-188         Centipede Cocktail
TM-190, SP-190         Tempest
TM-192                 signature analysis guide to Centipede -002,-003
TM-193, DP-193         Tempest Cocktail
TM-194                 Ampliphone 19-inch Color X-Y display A200000-01
TM-195                 Tempest Troubleshooting Guide
TM-199                 Atari 19-inch Color raster display A039650-01
TM-201                 19-inch Wells-Gardner display 92-055
TM-202, SP-202         Dig Dug (2 board)
TM-203, SP-203         Dig Dug (1 board)
TM-204                 Kangaroo
TM-206, SP-206         Gravitar
TM-209, SP-209         Liberator
TM-210                 19-inch Disco/ADI display 139003-1006
TM-217, SP-217         Millipede
TM-218, SP-218         Pole Position (Atari PCBs)
TM-218, SP-219         Pole Position (Namco PCBs)
CO-218-2               Pole Position II
TM-220                 19-inch Matsushita display 139003-1004
TM-221, SP-221         Quantum
TM-225, SP-225         Star Wars
TM-226                 Empire Strikes Back
TM-227, SP-227         Return of the Jedi
TM-229, SP-229         Food Fight
TM-230, SP-230         Xevious
TM-234, SP-234         Black Widow
TM-239                 Atari 19-inch Color X-Y display A200009-01,-02
TM-239                 Atari 25-inch Color X-Y display A200011-01
TM-241, SP-241         Crystal Castles
TM-242                 Cloak & Dagger
TM-248                 Star Tech Journal subscription card
TM-251, SP-251         I, Robot
TM-252, TG-252, SP-252 The Adventures of Major Havoc (TAOMH)
TM-253                 Firefox
TM-255                 Pole Position II Enhancement Instructions
TM-257                 Cloak & Dagger conversion for Defender
TM-259                 Ampliphone 19 and 25 Inch Color X-Y display
TM-261                 Switching power supply used in I, Robot
TM-262                 TX 1
TM-267                 TAOMH; Tempest conversion
TM-268                 TAOMH; Space Duel/Black Widow/Gravitar conversion
TM-274                 19-inch Hantarex display 139016-1007
TM-276, SP-276, CO-276 Marble Madness (System I)
TM-277, SP-277         Atari System I
TM-283                 19-inch Wells-Gardner display 139017-001
TM-284, SP-284, CO-284 Gauntlet
TM-285, SP-285         Road Runner (System I)
TM-286, SP-286         Atari System I
TM-294                 720'
TM-298, SP-298         Road Blasters (System I)
TM-300                 Rolling Thunder
TM-302                 Atari Operator Price List, 1st printing, June 1987
TM-308                 A.P.B.
TM-313                 Xybots
TM-320, SP-320         Toobin'
TM-321                 19-inch med res Wells-Gardner display 139012-304
TM-324                 Assault
TM-322                 Final Lap
TM-328                 Tetris
TM-336                 Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters
TM-348                 Klax
TM-359                 Rampart
TM-373                 Road Riot
TM-391                 World Rally
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woodcock@bnr.ca  or  woodcock@nt.com  or  bn202@cleveland.freenet.edu
"If you quote me on this I'll have to deny it; I won't remember because
I have such a bad memory.  Not only that, but my memory is *terrible*."


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