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General Test Mode Operation
Erasing High Scores
Setting the DIPS (including FREE PLAY mode)

Operating Popeye Test Mode

This information is also covered in the standard Nintendo Popeye operational manual. A copy of the manual in .pdf form can be downloaded from http://www.mikesarcade.com/arcade/manuals.html

(1) Entry
While pressing the Service Switch, set the power On/Off Switch to the "ON" position.
(2) Audio Test
You will hear a beep sound
(3) RAM Test
The result of the RAM test will be displayed.
(4) ROM Test
The result of the ROM test will be displayed.
(5) Option Switch Test
(6) Pressing any switch on the Operation Panel during while on the option settings screen will cause a beep sound.

Resetting Popeye High Scores

Following the general test mode operation instructions above to put the game into test mode. (Press and hold the Switch Switch while applying power).

When the "OPTION SWITCH" screen appears follow the instructions at the bottom for resetting the high score table back to the factory default. (press both P1-start and P2-start at the same time).

Once erased, a message indicated the high scores have been reset will appear.

Note the option switch screen also displays more information about the settings than the original Popeye game did. The information in color is added by this kit.

Power cycle the game to return to game play mode. Note: after about 30 seconds, the game will automatically return to game play mode.

The factory default high score table is displayed on the right.

Popeye DIP settings

To aid in setting the DIP switches, the Popeye HS kit enhances the test mode display to show the current DIP switch settings in both numeric and text. The original popeye software only showed the numeric data. The additional DIP information is shown in yellow. Changing the DIPs while in testmode will cause the screen to be immediatly updated to reflect the current settings.

Free Play ON ON ON ON
1-Coin 1-Play off off off off
1-Coin 2-Plays off ON off off
2-Coins 1-Play ON off off off

Num Popeye Difficulty Bonus Music Table  
off off             Num Popeye 1
ON off             Num Popeye 2
off ON             Num Popeye 3
ON ON             Num Popeye 4
    off off         Game Difficulty Easy (0)
    off ON         Game Difficulty (1)
    ON off         Game Difficulty (2)
    ON ON         Game Difficulty Hard (3)
        off off     Bonus @ 40000 points
        off ON     Bonus @ 60000 points
        ON off     Bonus @ 80000 points
        ON ON     No Bonus
            off   No Attract mode music
            ON   Attract mode music
              off Cocktail
              ON Upright

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