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From: qixotic@crl.com (Peter Chamberlain)
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting
Subject: Re: Williams: Joust ROMs correction & Robotron bug detailed info
Date: 8 Feb 1995 20:33:52 -0800
Organization: CRL Dialup Internet Access	(415) 705-6060  [Login: guest]
Lines: 35
Message-ID: <3hc5vg$7ue@crl4.crl.com>
References: <199501301522.AA04792@resisalt.reston.ingr.com>
NNTP-Posting-Host: crl4.crl.com
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

Alex Rosenberg (alexr@apple.com) wrote:
: In article <hshubsD39Bz6.Byq@netcom.com>, hshubs@netcom.com (Howard Shubs)
: wrote:

: > ip21!ip202!franklin@inet-gw-3.pa.dec.com writes:
: > 
: > >Joust:  Red & Yellow *HAVE* the `Pterodactyl trick/bug', Green does NOT!
: > 
: > Now to find a Yellow version.  Is there later than Green, or was that the
: > last?  So far, I have two Green and one Red, all of which seem to work.
: > Maybe I should find another Joust machine.
: > 
: > 
: > >The enforcer bug is when an enforcer is in the lower right corner and
: > >you shoot it diagonal there is a 1 in 3000 chance the game will reset.
: > >The reason for the game resetting is there is a bug in the diagonal
: > >explosion code for enforcers.  The memory below the screen hold the
: > >stack and an unclipped pixel can get 'drawn' into the stack cause the
: > >game to lock and the watchdog to kick in and reset the system.
: > 

A more usefull bug in Robotron appears during the 'hulk/tank' wave:

You can force the tank robotrons to, in effect, run out of shots. The 
best way to accomplish this is to blast all but one tank and just let it 
keep firing at you, BUT DO NOT "SHOOT" IT'S SHOTS. After about 20 of it's 
shots have bounced and dissappeared it will fire no more.. effectively, 
it's out of ammo.

This is a great trick when you've been at it for a few hours and need to 
use the restroom, take a smoke break or whatever... The hulk robotrons 
roaming around aren't that hard avoid and anyone can do it (My *mom* did 
it for me once when I used the can!)


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