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Konami board numbers, Revision V3.2

(c) 1995-2009 NMI Systems, All rights reserved.
This document can be freely copied so long as all credit 
and the document remains INTACT!
The latest revision of this document is always available 
from : http://www.nmisystems.com/konami  

Email me with updates here : konami @ nmisystems.com

Last updated : 6/05/2009 (UK date format)
Total number of boards : 116
GX060 - Bells and Whistles            
GX061 - Golfing Greats
GX063 - T.M.H.T. 2                  
GX064 - Sunset Riders                  
GX065 - X-Men                        
GX067 - XEXEX                        
GX068 - Asterix                        
GX069 - G.I. Joe                  
GX072 - Simpsons
GX073 - Thunder Cross 2                  
GX081 - Vendetta                  
GX101 - Premier Soccer            
GX122 - Hexion                        
GX123 - Entapous (UK)/Gaiapolis (Jap)
GX128 - Mystic Warrior                  
GX151 - Cowboys of Moo Mesa      
GX168 - Violent Storm                  
GX170 - Brain Busters                  
GX170 - Monster Maulers                  
GX173 - Bucky 'O Hare                  
GX174 - Potrio                        
GX191 - Lethal Enforcers            
GX218 - Konami's Open Golf Chmp.      
GX224 - Metamorphic Force            
GX234 - Martial Champion            
GX247 - Run and Gun                  
GM250 - Racing Force        - NOTE : GM number!!
GX305 - Polynet Comm.                  
GX306 - Strategy X                  
GX310 - Juno First                  
GX312 - Gun Fighters                  
GX316 - Super Cobra                  
GX319 - Mega Zone
GX320 - Pooyan                        
GX321 - Fantastic Journey            
GX327 - Jungler                        
GX330 - Hyper Sports (US)
GX332 - (Sparkie)                  
GX335 - (Tactician)                  
GX337 - Amidar                        
GX343 - The Hustler                  
GX347 - Gyruss                  
GX350 - Tutankham
GX353 - Turtles (Turpin)            
GX359 - Locomotion                  
GX361 - Hyper Olympic (UK) / Track n Field (US)
GX364 - Rock 'n' Rope                  
GX369 - Ultra Dome                  
GX380 - Circus Charlie            
GX387 - Scramble                  
GX388 - Time Pilot '84
GX392 - Frogger                        
GX393 - Time Pilot                  
GX400 - Nemesis
GX401 - Hyper Crash                  
GX405 - Super Basketball
GX407 - Yie Ar Kung Fu
GX412 - Twinbee                        
GX455 - Badlands
GX456 - Gradius                        
GX461 - Road Fighter
GX469 - Mikie
GX477 - Sholins Road
GX507 - Jail Break
GX523 - Finaliser
GX555 - Konami's Ping Pong      
GX560 - Iron Horse
GX561 - Konami GT                  
GX577 - Green Beret/Rush 'n' Attack (2)
GX587 - Salamander/Life Force
GX602 - WEC Le Mans
GX604 - BAW                        
GX611 - Boot Camp/Combat School (3)            
GX620 - Rock 'n' Rage                  
GX621 - Mr Kabuki                  
GX631 - Jackal (UK) / Top Gunner (US)
GX633 - Gryzor/Contra (1)
GX669 - Flak Attack                  
GX687 - Devil World/Dark Adventure (3)
GX690 - Double Dribble
GX712 - Kitten Kaboodle                  
GX717 - Chequered Flag                  
GX752 - Fast Lane                  
GX763 - Hot Chase            
GX765 - Rack 'Em Up                  
GX768 - Haunted Castle                  
GX770 - AJAX/Typhoon (3)
GX771 - Labyrinth Runner            
GX775 - Super Contra
GX777 - Battlantis
GX785 - Vulcan Venture                  
GX787 - City Bomber                  
GX789 - Over Drive                  
GX790 - Hyper Crash                  
GX797 - Blades of Steel
GX799 - The Main Event
GX808 - Missing in Action            
GX813 - (Com'on Mama)                  
GX821 - Crime Fighters                  
GX857 - S.P.Y. (Special Project Y)
GX875 - Aliens
GX861 - Konami '88                  
GX870 - Final Round                  
GX873 - Thunder Cross                  
GX878 - Gangbusters                  
GX890 - Devastators
GX891 - Bottom of the Ninth
GX903 - Cue Brick                  
GX907 - Punk Shot            
GX911 - Surprise Attack                  
GX939 - Lightning Fighters            
GX945 - Gradius 3                  
GX955 - Parodius
GX963 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
GX973 - Block Hole                  
GX999 - Rollergames
1 - Gryzor seems to be the UK name for Contra (US)
2 - Green Beret is the UK name for Rush 'n' Attack (US)
3 - Are these the same games??                 

And now in date order from 1978 - 1995, note there are 
some boards on the above list that dont appear below, can 
anyone help me place a game to a date?

Date  Games name                      GX board number
----  ------------------------------  ---------------
1978  Block Game                      no number
1980  Astro Invader                   no number
      (Side Winder)                   no number
      The End                         no number
      (Missile X)                     no number
1981  Scramble                        GX387
      Space War                       no number
      Frogger                         GX392
      The Hustler                     GX343
      Ultra Dome                      GX369
      Super Cobra                     GX316
      Jungler                         GX327
      Journey                         no number 
      (Invelian Type 106)             no number
      Turtles (Turpin)                GX353
      Strategy X                      GX306
      (Tactician)                     GX335
      Amidar                          GX337
      Locomotion                      GX359
1982  Tutankham                       GX350
      (Com'on Mama)                   GX813
      Pooyan                          GX320
      Time Pilot                      GX393
      Juno First                      GX310
      Rock 'n' Rope                   GX364
1983  Gyruss                          GX347
      (Sparkie)                       GX332
      Track n Field                   GX361
      Circus Charlie                  GX380
      Mega Zone                       GX319
      Badlands                        GX455
1984  Time Pilot '84                  GX388
      Hyper Sports                    GX330
      Super Basketball                GX405
      Mikie                           GX469
      Road Fighter                    GX461
1985  Yie Ar Kung Fu                  GX407
      Shao-lins Road                  GX477
      Konami's Ping Pong              GX555
      Green Beret                     GX577
      Twinbee                         GX412
      Hyper Crash                     GX401
      Gradius                         GX456
      Finaliser                       GX523
1986  Konami GT                       GX561
      Jail Break                      GX507
      Mr Kabuki                       GX621
      Iron Horse                      GX560
      Salamander                      GX587
      Jackal                          GX631
      Gryzor                          GX633
      Rock 'n Rage                    GX620
      Double Dribble                  GX690
1987  Combat School                   GX611
      Battlantis                      GX777
      Flak Attack                     GX669
      BAW                             GX604
      Devil World                     GX687
      Hyper Crash                     GX790
      Blades of Steel                 GX797
      Fast Lane                       GX752
      City Bomber                     GX787
      Typhoon                         GX770
      Labyrinth Runner                GX771
      Super Contra                    GX775
      Rack 'Em Up                     GX765
1988  Haunted Castle                  GX768
      Chequered Flag                  GX717
      Vulcan Venture                  GX785
      Kitten Kaboodle                 GX712
      Devastators                     GX890
      The Main Event                  GX799
      Hot Chase                       GX763
      Gangbusters                     GX878
      Konami '88                      GX861
      Thunder Cross                   GX873
      Final Round                     GX870
1989  Missing in Action               GX808
      Crime Fighters                  GX821
      Special Project Y               GX857
      Cue Brick                       GX903
      Block Hole                      GX973
      T.M.H.T                         GX963
      Gradius 3                       GX945
1990  Aliens                          GX875
      Lightning Fighters              GX939
      Punk Shot                       GX907
      Over Drive                      GX789
      Surprise Attack                 GX911
1991  Rollergames                     GX999
      Bells amp; Whistles             GX060
      Golfing Greats                  GX061
      The Simpsons                    GX072
      Vendetta                        GX081
      Thunder Cross 2                 GX073
      Sunset Riders                   GX064
      XEXEX                           GX067
      T.M.H.T. 2                      GX063
1992  Asterix                         GX068
      X-Men                           GX065
      G.I. Joe                        GX069
      Bucky 'O Hare                   GX173
      Hexion                          GX122
      Potrio                          GX174
      Lethal Enforcers                GX191
1993  Premier Socceer                 GX101
      Mystic Warrior                  GX128
      Cowboys of Moo Mesa             GX151
      Martial Champion                GX234
      Violent Storm                   GX168
      Metamorphic Force               GX224
      Entapous/Gaiapolis              GX123
      Run and Gun                     GX247
      Polynet Comm.                   GX305
1994  Brain Busters                   GX170
      Monster Maulers                 GX170
      Racing Force                    GM250  - GM number!
      Sauroid Cabinet                 (not a game)
      Funky Monkey                    no number
      Konami's Open Golf Chmp.        GX218
      Fantasic Journey                GX321
      Gun Fighters                    GX312
1995  Soccer Superstars               no number
      Magical Twinbee                 no number
      Dragoon Might                   no number
      Premier Soccer '95              no number
Finally, a list of the games and dates that have no number 
or are not boards : 
Date  Games name                      GX board number
----  ------------------------------  ---------------
1978  Block Game                      no number
1980  Astro Invader                   no number
      (Side Winder)                   no number
      The End                         no number
      (Missile X)                     no number
1981  Space War                       no number
1981  Journey                         no number
      (Invelian Type 106)             no number
1983  Finaliser                       no number
1994  Sauroid Cabinet                 (not a game)
      Funky Monkey                    no number
1995  Soccer Superstars               no number
      Magical Twinbee                 no number
      Dragoon Might                   no number
      Premier Soccer '95              no number         

All text, design and content - Copyright  1995-2005 NMI Systems


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