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H   '88 Games                         Konami              1988  JAMMA

    1941                              Capcom              1990  JAMMA

V   1943: The Battle of Midway        Capcom              1988  JAMMA

H   3 Wonders                         Capcom              1991  JAMMA

H   9 Ball Shoot Out                  Bundra                    JAMMA

V   Aero Fighters                     McO'River           1992  JAMMA

H   Air Buster                        Namcoi/Kaneko       1990  JAMMA

V   Ajax                              Konami              1988  JAMMA

V   Alabaster                         Taito               1989  JAMMA

H   Alien vs. Predator                Capcom              1993  JAMMA

H   Aliens                            Konami              1990  JAMMA

H/V Ameri-Darts                       Ameri Corp          1989  JAMMA

V   American Horse Shoes              Taito               1990  JAMMA

H   Apache 3                          Data East (DECO)    1989  JAMMA

H   Arabian Fight                     Sega                1992  JAMMA

H   Arlington Horse Race              Strata<Incredible   1990  JAMMA

V   Arm Champs                        Jaleco              1991  JAMMA

V   Assault                           Atari (Namco?)      1988  JAMMA

H   Astayanax                         Jaleco              1989  JAMMA

V   Asuka 'N Asuka                    Taito               1988  JAMMA

H   Ataxx                             Leland              1990  JAMMA

H   Atomic Punk                       Irem                1991  JAMMA

H   Avenging Spirit                   Jaleco              1991  JAMMA

H   B.Rap Boys                        Kaneko              1991  JAMMA

H   Bad Dudes                         Data East (DECO)    1988  JAMMA

H   Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja        Data East           1988  JAMMA

H   Badlands                          Atari               1989  JAMMA

H   Batman                            Atari Games         1991  JAMMA

H   Battle Toads                      Electronics Arts          JAMMA

V   Battleantes (Battlantis?)         Konami              1987  JAMMA

V   Bermuda Triangle                  S.N.K.                    JAMMA

H   Bio-Ship Paladin                  American Sammy            JAMMA

H   Bionic Commando                   Capcom              1988  JAMMA

H   Black Dragon                      Capcom              1987  JAMMA

H   Black Tiger                       Romstar             1987  JAMMA

H   Blades of Steel                   Konami              1987  JAMMA

H   Blandia                           Taito<Allumer             JAMMA

H   Blasted                           Midway              1987  JAMMA

V   Block Block                       Capcom              1991  JAMMA

H   Block Out                         Technos<California  1990  JAMMA

H   Bloody Wolf                       Romstar             1989  JAMMA

H   Bloxeed                           Sega                1989  JAMMA

V?) Boot Camp                         Konami              1987  JAMMA

H   Bottom of the Ninth               Konami              1989  JAMMA

V   Bowl O Rama                       I/T                 1990  JAMMA

H   BreakThru                         Data East (DECO)    1985  JAMMA

H   Brute Force                       Leland              1990  JAMMA

    Bubble Symphony                   Taito                     JAMMA

H   Buster Bros.                      Capcom              1990  JAMMA

H   Cabal                             Fabtek<TAD          1988  JAMMA

H   Cadash                            Taito               1990  JAMMA

H   Cadillacs and Dinosaurs           Capcom              1992  JAMMA

H   Cal.50 Caliber-Fifty              Romstar<Seta        1989  JAMMA

V   Capcom Bowling                    Capcom              1987  JAMMA

H   Captain America and the Avengers  Data East (DECO)    1991  JAMMA

H   Captain Commando                  Capcom              1991  JAMMA

H   Carrier Air Wing                  Capcom              1990  JAMMA

    Castle of Dragon                  Romstar                   JAMMA

H   Caveman Ninja                     Data East (DECO)    1991  JAMMA

H   Champion Wrestler                 Taito               1990  JAMMA

H   Championship Bowling                                        JAMMA

H   Chelnov: The Atommic Runer        Data East           1988  JAMMA

H   Chinagate                         Kitcorp/Romstar     1988  JAMMA

V   Chopper I                         SNK                 1988  JAMMA

H   Cisco Heat                        Jaleco              1990  JAMMA

H   Clutch Hitter                     Sega                1991  JAMMA

H   Cobra Command                     Data East (DECO)    1989  JAMMA

H   Combatribes                       Technos             1990  JAMMA

H   Contra                            Konami                    JAMMA

H   Cool Pool                         Catalina            1992  JAMMA

V   Coors Light Bowling               Capcom              1989  JAMMA

H   Cotton                            Sega<Success        1991  JAMMA

H   Crime City                        Taito               1989  JAMMA

H   Crime Fighters                    Konami              1989  JAMMA

    Crude Busters                     Data East                 JAMMA

H   Cyberball 2072                    Atari               1989  JAMMA

H   D.D. Crew                         Sega                1991  JAMMA

H   Dangerous Dungeons                Game Room           1992  JAMMA

H   Dark Adventure                    Konami              1987  JAMMA

H   DE Block                          A/S                 1991  JAMMA

H   Dead Angle                        Fabtek<Seibu        1988  JAMMA

H   Desert Assault                    Data East (DECO)    1991  JAMMA

V   Devastators                       Konami              1988  JAMMA

H   DJ Boy                            American Sammy      1989  JAMMA

H   Double Axle                       Taito               1991  JAMMA

H   Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Ston Taito (Technos?)    1990  JAMMA

H   Double Dragon II: The Revenge     Technos<Romstar     1989  JAMMA

H   Double Dribble                    Konami              1986  JAMMA

V   Downtown                          Romstar             1990  JAMMA

H   Dragon Breed                      Irem                1989  JAMMA

V   Dragon Saber                      Namco               1990  JAMMA

V   Dragon Spirit                     Atari Games         1987  JAMMA

H   Dark Stalkers The Night Warriors  Capcom              1994  JAMMA

V   Drift Out                         A/S (Visco Games?)  1991  JAMMA

    Drift Out 94                      Namco                     JAMMA

H   Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom Capcom<SSI          1994  JAMMA

V   Dyger                             SHP                 1989  JAMMA

H   Dynamite Duke                     Fabtek<Seibu        1989  JAMMA

    Dynamite Mike?                                              JAMMA

H   Dynasty Wars                      Capcom              1989  JAMMA

V   Dyno Bop                          G/P                 1990  JAMMA

H   E.D.F. Earth Defense Force        Jaleco              1990  JAMMA

H   Eco-Fighters                      Capcom              1994  JAMMA

    Elevator Action 2                 Taito               1996  JAMMA

H   Empire City 1931                  Romstar             1987  JAMMA

H   Escape from the Planet of the Robers                  1989  JAMMA

    Extermination                                               JAMMA

H   Exterminator                      PRM (Gottlieb?)     1989  JAMMA

V   F-1 Grand Prix                    Video System        1991  JAMMA

H   Fighter's History                 Data East                 JAMMA

H   Fighting Golf                     S.N.K.              1988  JAMMA

V   Fighting Hawk                     Taito               1988  JAMMA

H   Final Fight                       Capcom              1990  JAMMA

H   Final Lap                         Atari               1988  JAMMA

V   Final Round                       Sega                1989  JAMMA

V   Fire Trap                         Data East (DECO)    1986  JAMMA

H   Forgotten Worlds                  Capcom              1988  JAMMA

H   Four Trax                         Atari               1989  JAMMA

V   Free Kick                         Merit Industries<?  1988  JAMMA

V   Gal's Panic                       Kaneko              1991  JAMMA

V   Gal's Panic 2                     Kaneko                    JAMMA

V   Galaga 88                         Atari               1988  JAMMA

H   Gang Wars                         SNK                 1989  JAMMA

H   Gate of Doom                      Data East           1990  JAMMA

H   Ghouls 'n Ghosts                  Capcom              1988  JAMMA

H   Gold Medalist                     Romstar             1988  JAMMA

H   Golden Axe: The Revenge of  Death Sega                1992  JAMMA

H   Golden Tee Golf                   STA                 1989  JAMMA

V   Gondomania                        Data East (DECO)    1987  JAMMA

H   Great 1000 Mile Rally             Kaneko                    JAMMA

V   Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer Taito               1992  JAMMA

H   Growl                             Taito               1991  JAMMA

H   Gryzor                                                      JAMMA

H   Guardians of the 'Hood            Atari Games         1992  JAMMA

V   Guerrilla Wars                    Tradewest<S.N.K.    1988  JAMMA

H   Gun Baron                         Jaleco              1991  JAMMA

H   Gundam                            Jaleco              1991  JAMMA

H   Gunforce                          Irem                1991  JAMMA

V   Gunnail                           NMK                       JAMMA

H   Hacha-Mecha Fighter               NMK                       JAMMA

H   Hammerin' Harry                   Irem                1990  JAMMA

H   Hard Head                         Sharp Image<Suna    1988  JAMMA

    Hat Trick Hero 95                 Taito                     JAMMA

H   Hatris                            Video Systema       1990  JAMMA

H   Haunted Castle                    Konami              1988  JAMMA

?   Heavy Barrel                      Data East           1988  JAMMA

?   Heavy Barrel                      Data East           1988  JAMMA

H   Heavy Unit                        Grand               1989  JAMMA

H   High Impact Football              Williams            1991  JAMMA

H   Hippodrome                        Data East           1989  JAMMA

H   Hit the Ice                       Williams            1991  JAMMA

H   Hook                              Irem                1992  JAMMA

V   Hot Shots Tennis                  Strata<Incredible   1990  JAMMA

H   Hydra                             Atari Games         1990  JAMMA

H   Ikari Warriors 3                  Tradewest<S.N.K.    1989  JAMMA

V   Kageki                            Romstar (Taito?)    1988  JAMMA

H   Karate Blazers                    McO'River           1991  JAMMA

H   Karnov                            Data East (DECO)    1987  JAMMA

V   Ki Ki Kai Kai                                               JAMMA

H   Klax                              Atari Games         1990  JAMMA

H   Knights of the Round              Capcom              1992  JAMMA

H   Kuri Kinton                       World Games         1988  JAMMA

V   L.E.D. Storm                      Capcom              1988  JAMMA

V   Last Duel                         Capcom              1988  JAMMA

    Last Mission                      Data East (DECO)    1986  JAMMA

V   Legion                            Nichibutsu          1987  JAMMA

H   Legionnaire                       Fabtek<TAD          1992  JAMMA

H   Lethal Enforcers                  Konami              1992  JAMMA

H   Life Force                        Konami              1986  JAMMA

V   Lightning Fighter                 Konami              1990  JAMMA

H   Lucky 8 Line                      GRH                 1989  JAMMA

H   M.I.A. Missing In Action          Konami              1989  JAMMA

H   M.V.P.                            Sega                1989  JAMMA

H   Magic Sword                       Capcom              1990  JAMMA

H   Magical Crystals                  Kaneko              1991  JAMMA

H   Martial Champions                 Konami                    JAMMA

    Mega Twins                        Capcom              1990  JAMMA

V   Mercs                             Capcom              1990  JAMMA

V   Meta Fox                          Seta?                     JAMMA

H   Metamorphic Force                 Konami              1993  JAMMA

H   Midnight Resistance               Data East (DECO)    1989  JAMMA

V   Mission XX                        Data East (DECO)    1982  JAMMA

H   Moonwalker (Michael Jackson's)    Sega                1990  JAMMA

H   Mortal Kombat II                  Midway              1994  JAMMA

H   Mortal Kombat III                 Midway              1996  JAMMA

H   Mortal Kombat 4                   Midway              1997  JAMMA

    Muscle Bomber Duo                 Capcom              1993  JAMMA

H   Mustang                           Demo                1990  JAMMA

    Mutant Fighters: Death Brade      Data East           1991  JAMMA

H   Mutant Warrior                                              JAMMA

V   MX 5000                           Konami              1987  JAMMA

H   Mystic Riders                     Irem                1992  JAMMA

H   N.Y. Captor                       Taito               1985  JAMMA

V   Namco Classics Volume 1           Namco               1997  JAMMA

V   Namco Classics Volume 2           Namco               1997  JAMMA

H   Nastar Warrior                    Taito               1989  JAMMA

H   NBA Jam                           Midway              1993  JAMMA

H   NBA Jam: Tournament Edition       Midway              1994  JAMMA

    Nemo                              Capcom              1990  JAMMA

H   Neo-Geo 2 Player Cabinet          SNK                 1990  JAMMA

H   New Dyna Blaster: Global Quest    Irem<Hudson Soft    1992  JAMMA

H   Ninja Clowns                      Strata              1991  JAMMA

H   Ninja Gaiden                      Tecmo               1988  JAMMA

    Ninja Kids                                                  JAMMA

    Ninja Spirit                                                JAMMA

H   Nintendo Super System Cabinet     Nintendo (S.N.K.)   1991  JAMMA

H   Off the Wall                      Atari Games         1991  JAMMA

V   Omega Fighter                     UFL/American Sammy  1989  JAMMA

H   Opertaion Thunderbolt             Taito               1989  JAMMA

H   Oscar                             Data East           1987  JAMMA

V   Out Zone                          Romstar<Toaplan     1990  JAMMA

H   P-47                              Jaleco              1989  JAMMA

H   P.O.W.                            S.N.K.              1988  JAMMA

V   PacMania                          Atari               1987  JAMMA

V   Paddlemania                       S.N.K.                    JAMMA

H   Paladin (Bio-Ship Paladin?)       American Sammy      1990  JAMMA

H   Pang                              Mitchell Corp             JAMMA

H   Peek-A-Boo (R-rated)              Jeleco                    JAMMA

V   Peggle                            Strata<Incredible   1991  JAMMA

H   Pig Out                           Leland              1990  JAMMA

H   Pipe Dream                        Demo                1991  JAMMA

H   PiPi&BiBis                        Toaplan                   JAMMA

H   Pit-Fighter                       Atari               1990  JAMMA

V   Poker Dice                        STA                 1991  JAMMA

V   Pound for Pound                   Irem                1990  JAMMA

H   Power Instinct                    Atlus               1993  JAMMA

    Powered Gear                      Capcom                    JAMMA

H   Prehistoric Isle                                            JAMMA

H   Primal Rage                       Atari Games         1994  JAMMA

H   Psycho Soldier                    SNK                 1986  JAMMA

H   Punk Shot                         Konami              1990  JAMMA

H   Pushman                           American Sammy      1990  JAMMA

H   Pyros                             Taito               1987  JAMMA

    Quiz Capcom World 2 (Japan only)  Capcom              1992  JAMMA

H   Quiz of Dragons                   Capcom              1992  JAMMA

H   R-Type II                         Irem                1990  JAMMA

H   Rabbit Punch                      Midway              1987  JAMMA

H   Rad Action                        UPL/World Games     1987  JAMMA

H   Rad Rally                         Sega                1991  JAMMA

V   Raiden                            Fabtek<Seibu        1990  JAMMA

V   Raiden DX                         Fabtek                    JAMMA

V   Raiden II                         Fabtek<Seibu        1993  JAMMA

H   Rainbow Islands: The Story of Buble 2                 1988  JAMMA

H   Rampart                           Atari Games         1990  JAMMA

H   Rastan                            Taito               1987  JAMMA

H   Relief Pitcher                    Atari Games         1992  JAMMA

H   Renegade                          Taito               1986  JAMMA

H   Riding Fight                      Taito               1992  JAMMA

H   Rim Rockin' Basketball            Strata<Incredible   1991  JAMMA

H   Road Riot 4wd                     Atari               1991  JAMMA

H   RoboCop                           Data East           1988  JAMMA

H   RoboCop 2                         Data East (DECO)    1991  JAMMA

V   Roller Games                      Konami              1991  JAMMA

H   Rolling Thunder                   Atari Games         1986  JAMMA

H   Rough Ranger                      Sharp Image<Capcom        JAMMA

H   Run & Gun                         Konami                    JAMMA

H   S.P.Y. Special Project Y          Konami              1989  JAMMA

H   Salamander                        Konami                    JAMMA

V   Search and Rescue                 SNK                 1990  JAMMA

H   Shadow Dancer                     Sega                1990  JAMMA

H   Shadow Force                      Technos             1993  JAMMA

H   Shogun Warrior                    Kaneko                    JAMMA

V   Sholin's Road                                               JAMMA

H   Shuuz                             Atari Games         1990  JAMMA

H   Sidearms                          Romstar (Capcom?)   1987  JAMMA

H   Silent Dragon                     Taito               1992  JAMMA

H   SilkWorm                          Tecmo               1988  JAMMA

H   Skins Golf                        Irem                      JAMMA

H   Skull                             Atari               1989  JAMMA

H   Skull & Crossbones                Atari Games         1989  JAMMA

V?) Sky Adventure                     S.N.K.              1989  JAMMA

V   Sky Shark                         Romstar<Taito       1987  JAMMA

V   Sky Soldiers                      Romstar             1988  JAMMA

H   Slam Masters: Tournament Edition  Capcom              1993  JAMMA

H   Sly Spy                           Data East           1989  JAMMA

H   Smash T.V.                        Williams            1990  JAMMA

H   Snow Bros.: Nick & Tom            Romstar<Toaplan     1990  JAMMA

H   Soccer Finals                     Leland              1990  JAMMA

H   Solar Warrior                     Memetron            1987  JAMMA

V   Space Position                    Sega                1986  JAMMA

V   Speed Rumbler                     Capcom              1987  JAMMA

H   Spider-Man: The Videogame         Sega                1991  JAMMA

H   Spinal Breakers                   American Sammy      1991  JAMMA

H   Sports Match                      Fabtek              1989  JAMMA

    Star Fighter                                                JAMMA

H   Steel Talons                      Atari               1991  JAMMA

V   Strata Bowling                    Strata<Incredible   1990  JAMMA

H   Strato Fighter                    Tecmo               1991  JAMMA

H   Street Fighter II                 Capcom              1991  JAMMA

H   Street Fighter II: Champion Editi Capcom              1992  JAMMA

H   Street Fighter II: Champion Editi Capcom              1992  JAMMA

H   Street Smart                      S.N.K.              1989  JAMMA

H   Strider                           Capcom              1989  JAMMA

V   Strike Gunner S.T.G.              Tecmo               1991  JAMMA

H   Strikeforce                       Williams/Midway     1991  JAMMA

H   Sunset Riders                     Konami              1991  JAMMA

V   Super Contra                      Konami              1988  JAMMA

H   Super Dodgeball                   Leland (Technos?)   1988  JAMMA

H   Super High Impact Football        Williams/Midway     1991  JAMMA

V   Super Pinball Action              Tecmo               1991  JAMMA

H   Super Pool 3                                                JAMMA

V   Super Qix                         Romstar             1987  JAMMA

H   Super Ranger                                                JAMMA

H   Super Street Fighter II           Capcom              1993  JAMMA
H   Super Street Fighter II Turbo     Capcom              1994  JAMMA

H   Super Volleyball                  Data East           1989  JAMMA

H   Superman                          Taito               1988  JAMMA

H   Survival Arts                     American Sammy            JAMMA

V   Tail to Nose                      Demo                1992  JAMMA

H   Tank Force                        Namco/Irene         1991  JAMMA

    Task Force Harrier                American Sammy      1989  JAMMA

H   Tecmo Knight                      Tecmo               1989  JAMMA

H   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMN Konami              1989  JAMMA

H   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: TurTime                 1991  JAMMA

H   Terminator 2                      Williams            1991  JAMMA

H   Terra Force                       Nichibutsu          1987  JAMMA

H   Tetris                            Atari Games         1989  JAMMA

H   The Berlin Wall                   Kaneko              1991  JAMMA

H   The King of Dragons               Romstar (Capcom?)   1991  JAMMA

H   The Main Event                    Kaneko              1988  JAMMA

H   The Main Event                    Konami              1988  JAMMA

    The New Zealand Story             Taito                     JAMMA

H   The Punisher                      Capcom              1993  JAMMA

H   The Simpsons                      Konami              1991  JAMMA

    Three Wonders                     Capcom              1991  JAMMA

V   Thunder & Lightning                                         JAMMA

V   Thunder Dragon                    Tecmo<NMK           1991  JAMMA

H   Thunder Fox                       Taito               1990  JAMMA

H   Thunder Strike                    Game Room           1992  JAMMA

    Thunder Zone                      Data East           1991  JAMMA

    Thunderbolt                                                 JAMMA

H   Thundercade                       Sega                1988  JAMMA

H   ThunderJaws                       Atari Games         1990  JAMMA

H   Tiger Road                        Romstar<Capcom      1987  JAMMA

H   Time Killers                      Strata<Incredible   1992  JAMMA

V   Time Soldiers                     Romstar<S.N.K.      1987  JAMMA

H   Toki                              Fabtek<TAD Corp     1989  JAMMA

V   Top Gunner                        Konami              1986  JAMMA

H   Top Secret                        Capcom              1987  JAMMA

H   Total Carnage                     Midway              1992  JAMMA

V   Touchdown Fever                   S.N.K.              1987  JAMMA

V   Tri-Sports                        Midway              1989  JAMMA

V   Truxton                           Midway<Taito        1988  JAMMA

V   Turbo Force                       MCR                 1991  JAMMA

H   Turtle Ship                       Philko Corp         1988  JAMMA

H   Turtles Lost in Time              Konami              1992  JAMMA

V   Twin Cobra                        Romstar<Taito       1988  JAMMA

V   Twin Eagle                        Taito               1988  JAMMA

V   Twin Eagle II                     Romstar                   JAMMA

V   Twin Hawk                         Taito               1989  JAMMA

H   Two Crude                         Data East (DECO)    1990  JAMMA

H   U.N. Squadron                     Capcom              1989  JAMMA

V   U.S. Classic Golf                 Taito               1989  JAMMA

H   Undercover Cops                   Irem                1992  JAMMA

H   V'Ball (U.S. Championship Beach V Taito               1988  JAMMA

    Vampire (Japanese Dark Stalkers?) Capcom                    JAMMA

V   Varth: Operation Thunderstorm     Romstar<Capcom      1992  JAMMA

H   Vendetta                          Konami              1991  JAMMA

V   Victory Road                      Tradewest<S.N.K.    1987  JAMMA

H   Vigilante                         Data East<Irem      1988  JAMMA

H   Violence Fight                    Taito               1990  JAMMA

H   Warriors of Fate                  Capcom              1992  JAMMA

H   Wheel of Fortune                  Gametek             1989  JAMMA

H   Willow                            Capcom              1989  JAMMA

H   Wizard Fire                       Data East (DECO)    1992  JAMMA

H   World Cup '90                     Tecmo               1990  JAMMA

H   World Rally                       Atari Games               JAMMA

H   World Soccer Finals               Leland              1990  JAMMA

H   WWF Superstars                    Technos             1989  JAMMA

H   WWF Wrestlefest                   Technos             1991  JAMMA

H   X-Men 4 Player                    Konami              1992  JAMMA

H   X-Men 6 Player                    Konami              1992  JAMMA

H   X-Men: Children of the Atom       Capcom              1995  JAMMA

H   Xexex                             Konami              1991  JAMMA

H   Mortal Kombat                     Midway/Williams     1992  JAMMA?

H   Neo-Geo 4 Player Cabinet          SNK                 1990  JAMMA?

H   Section Z                         Capcom              1986  JAMMA?

    Space Invasion (Commando?)        Capcom                    JAMMA?

V   Stormin' Party                    Taito                     JAMMA?

H   Street Fighter                    Capcom              1988  JAMMA?

    Tank Busters?                     Tehkan                    JAMMA?

    Zero Wing                         Williams?                 JAMMA?


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