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From: Mike Ross <mross>
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade.collecting
Subject: Coin-Op Museum List of Games
Date: 23 May 1995 18:41:30 GMT
Organization: The MITRE Corporation
Lines: 138
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Howdy all,

        Just got back from a trip to St. Louis and stopped by the
Vido Game and Coin-Op museum.  I had heard about the museum from
others in this group, and thought I would stop by.  I talked to
the guy who runs the place and found out some interesting things

-- they get all their machines free from the makers of the games.

-- I asked about getting the data for the PROMS (this has
been discussed here recently) and he claimed he has no
problem getting them from the makers of the game.

-- they had not heard of r.g.v.a.c or VAPS.  I told him about
both these groups. Since the guys has access to the net, maybe
we will hear from him.  I think would be benificial to both if
there was more communication.

-- He had not heard of archive at wiretap either.

        I got a list of games they have there.  He also showed me
the back room where the games that didn't work are.  I had come
to the museum wanting to play a Defender (my all time favorite).
Of course their Defender was broken :(  The guy showed it to me,
it powered up and gets stuck in diagnostic mode.  I know this problem
has been addressed here, but for the life of me I could not remember
what the solution was.  I was a little surprised when he told me
that the people at Williams could not identify the problem.  Case
in point of how some communication could be helpful.

        This guy is supposed to send me an e-mail message.   Who
knows maybe we will see a post as well!!!!

        But now the list of games:

Videos (worked)                 Pin (worked)
-------                         ---------
stunt cycle                     monday night football
trak 10                         cyclone
night driver                    mr & mrs pac man
computer space                  corgar
battle zone                     8-ball deluxe
sub roc 3D                      capt. fantastic
pac man                         wizard
pac man plus                    star pool
super pac man                   high ways
pac mania                       rocket ship
baby pac man                    humpty dumpty
jr. pac man
pac land
space ace                       Other games not pin or video
riffle gallery                 ------------------------------
karate champ                    4 player derby
punch out                       stunt pilot
gauntlet                        USA hockey team
tetris                          slap shot
time pilot
out run
pole position
death race
laguna racermonaco GP
super bug
fire truck
time traveler
break out
dig dug
jungle king
burger time
super mario bros.
teenage mutant ninja turtles
zaxxon (cocktail)
atari football
dragon lair
gragon lair II
star wars
star trek
ms. pac man
donkey kong
missle command
paper boy

The folowing machines were in the back (don't know if they worked or not)

Videos                                  Pinball
-------                                 -------
street fighter II                       black night
(some green wierd looking thing no name)   super man
2 levers                                cave man
sea wolf                                base kit
pac man (cocktail)                      high speed
operation wolf
marble madness
mr. do
professor pac man

        I hope I didn't make to many typos in making this list,
if so I apologize.  The place is worth checking out if you are in
St. Louis.  I have the flyer "thingee" from the place, it has
info like address, phone number ...  If anyone is interested in
it just drop me an e-mail.  If there is enough interest I'll just
post it.


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