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Irem Board List
V1.1 8 Sep, 1999

Mahjong	                                '78          HC Mahjong			
Nyankoro                                '78
Piccolo                                 '78 2P	
Power Block                             '78

Capsule Invader	                        '79 2P 2W+1B    Shooter			
Commander                               '79 2P	
IPM Invader                             '79 2P 2W+1B
Mahjong DX                              '79 9        HC Mahjong
New Block X                             '79 2P	
New Block Z                             '79 2P
Space Command                           '79 2P

Andromeda                               '80 2P       VC				
Green Beret                             '80 2P	
Itazuchienzel                           '80 2P	
Panther                                 '80 2P	
Sky Chuter                              '80                     M-11
UniWarS                                 '80         M-22, M-31
WW III					'80 2P					

Demon Eye X                             '81 2P		Shooter	M-27, M-42
Red Alert                            10/'81 2P 3 Buttons	M-27

Lode Runner	                        '82 2P 4W+1B HC	Action	M62
Lode Runner II                          '82 2P 4W+1B HC	Action  M62
Moon Patrol (Cocktail)                9/'82 2P 2W+2B HC	Action	M52 (Williams)
Moon Patrol (Upright)                 9/'82 2P 2W+2B HC	Action	M52 (Williams)
Oli Boo Chu                           8/'82 2P 4W    VC	Action	M-47
Punching Kid                            '82 2P	
Tropical Angel                          '82 2P 8W+2B HC Action (Nichibutsu)

Lode Runner III	                        '83 2P 4W+1B HC	Action	M62
Motorace U.S.A./Zippy Racer             '83 2P 8W+2B VC	Racing (Williams)
Zippy Racer/Motorace U.S.A.            	'83 2P 8W+2B VC	Action			

10 Yard Fight                         7/'84 2P 8W+2B HC	Sports	M
10 Yard Fight (Vs.)                     '84 2P 8W+2B HC	Sports
Kung Fu Master/Spartan X                '84 2P 4W+2B HC	Action	M62
Lode Runner IV                          '84 2P 4W+1B HC	Action  M62
Spartan X/Kung Fu Master                '84 2P 4W+2B HC	Action  M62
The Battle Road	                        '84 2P			M62
Wiley Tower/Atomic Boy			'84 2P 4W+2B HC	Action			

Atomic Boy/Wiley Tower                7/'85 2P 4W+2B HC	Action	
Lot Lot	                                '85 2P	                M62
Spelunker                               '85 2P 8W+2B HC	Action	M62

Battle Bird                             '86 2P 8W+2B 
Spelunker 2                             '86 2P 8W+2B HC	Action	M62

Kid Niki                              3/'87 2P 4W+2B HC	Action  M62
R-Type	                              7/'87 2P 8W+2B HC	Shooter	M72 

Image Fight                          11/'88 2P 8W+2B VC	Shooter	
Kickle Cubicle	                        '88 2P 8W+2B HC	Action	
Mr. Heli                                '88 2P 8W+2B HC	Shooter	M72
Ninja Spirit                            '88 2P 8W+2B HC	Action	M72
Vigilante                             3/'88 2P 8W+2B HC	Action

Dragon Breed                          2/'89 2P 8W+2B HC	Action	M81-A-B	
Sichuan	                                '89 2P 8W+2B VC				
X-Multiply	                        '89 2P 8W+2B HC	Shooter	M72

Air Duel                              4/'90 2P 8W+2B    Shooter	M72
Hammerin' Harry	                     12/'90 2P 8W+2B VC	Action
Legend of Hero Tonma                    '90 2P 8W+2B HC	Action  M72
Major Title                             '90 2P 8W+2B
Pound for Pound	                     12/'90 2P       HC	Sports			
R-Type II                             4/'90 2P 8W+2B HC	Shooter			

Atomic Punk                             '91 2P 4W+2B HC	Puzzle	
Gunforce                              6/'91 2P 8W+2B HC	Action	M92
Hook                                    '91 4P 8W+2B
Image Fight II                          '91 2P 8W+2B VC	Shooter			
Thunder Blaster                         '91 2P 8W+2B VC	Shooter

Atomic Punk 2                         8/'92 2P 4W+2B HC	Shooter	
Major Title II                          '92 2P 8W+2B
Quiz F-1 Race                           '92 2P       HC				
R-Type Leo                              '92 2P 8W+2B HC	Shooter M92
Skins Golf                           12/'92 2P 8W+2B HC	Sports
Undercover Cops                         '92 2P 8W+2B HC	Shooting

Fire Barrel                             '93                     M107
Global Quest (Dyna Blaster)             '93 2P 8W+2B HC				
Hill Climber                         10/'93 2P	
In the Hunt                           5/'93 2P 8W+2B HC	Shooter	
Match-It 2                            9/'93 2P 8W+2B HC	
New Atomic Punk                      11/'93 2P 8W+2B HC	Puzzle	
Ninja Baseball Batman                 9/'93 2P 8W+3B HC	Action			
Perfect Soldiers/Superior Soldiers    9/'93 2P 8W+
Risky Challenge                      11/'93 2P 8W+2B HC
Superior Soldiers/Perfect Soldiers    9/'93 2P 8W+   HC	Action			

Gunforce II                           9/'94 2P 8W+2B HC	Action			


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